Thursday, July 31, 2008

Climate Change Racialization

I finally understand why the now banned commenter Josh "thordaddy" Farst was soiling his britches over anthropogenic climate change and my opinion relative to that topic.

I suspect he fundamentally misunderstood my baseline of generalized, cold, martian disdain...,

That said, this morning I came across this choice morsel of absurd political theater. Click on the image of moe, larry, and curly to the left to go and visit this decidedly ungodly confluence shills and liars for hire.

Bottomline, expensive gasoline isn't a civil rights issue. It is a laws-of-thermodynamics and declining net energy issue. All of you humans are in trouble. No point scurrying around pointing fingers and blaming one another in any manner, form, or fashion - at this juncture. Better work together for all you're worth if you want to get past the great filter looming just beyond that signpost up ahead.....,