Sunday, July 06, 2008

Now it's Catalytic Converters!!!

Will the wonders of crystal methamphetamine fueled collapse criminality never cease? First it was gas drilled out of gas tanks, now it's catalytic converters sawed right out from the undercarriage for their miniscule concentration of precious metals. What's next in this increasingly Mad Max looking vehicular ecology?
A half-dozen office colleagues had told him about that roar after their own catalytic converters were stolen, a crime that has been rising rapidly across the country from riverside parking lots in Cincinnati to highways along the California coast.

The pollution-reducing converters contain small amounts of the precious metals platinum and palladium, and they've joined copper wire and sewer grates on the long list of metal items targeted by thieves eager to cash in on climbing metal commodity prices.

Converter thieves slip under vehicles with battery-powered saws, sometimes in daylight, and in a matter of minutes leave owners with shocking repair bills.

The thefts were only a sporadic problem nationally until about a year ago but have grown to a near-epidemic, said Frank Scafidi, a spokesman for the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Scafidi received an overwhelming response when he recently questioned bureau agents.

"Everybody was seeing reports of this, hearing reports of this, talking to the local cops — all over the country," he said.
Better start booby trapping these jalopies with some nasty surprises to deter this funky invasive scavaging.