Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jimmy Dore Single-Handedly Outing All The Democratic Empty-Suit Sock-Puppets

Progressive: Madam Speaker Pelosi, why do you ignore us?
Pelosi: [slaps impudent progressive] Your place is to be seen, not heard. Now vote as you have been instructed and tell the rabble what you will. Now, be gone from my sight!
Progressives: As it pleases you. [Bows and leaves, stage right]
“Over the weekend, there has been a raging debate on social media, in which some progressive critics began demanding that lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez use their votes in the upcoming House Speaker election as leverage to get a commitment for a floor vote on Medicare for All legislation…. However, only asking for that performative vote — rather than also asking for things that might change the structural power dynamic — would be a waste, and yet another instance of progressives reverting to a feckless tradition of prioritizing spectacles rather than the wielding of actual power. They could additionally condition their vote for Pelosi on a commitment that she:
– Remove the Medicare for All opponent who chairs the key committee [Richard Neal]
– Schedule a vote on existing legislation to let states create single-payer health care systems
– Schedule a vote on a resolution demanding Biden use executive authority to expand Medicare
– Include provisions in year-end spending bills that create a presidential commission charged with crafting a Medicare for All program
– Author a discharge petition to force a vote on Medicare for All
That’s a good list (and boy would I like to see Neal, who is a nasty piece of work, taken down a peg). More on the raging debate on social media:
Jimmy debated with David Sirota about this on an impromptu live broadcast on his YT channel just now. I only caught the closing minutes of the discussion but I can say that Sirota came off very disappointing. Jimmy got him to admit that he’s worried for Pelosi’s speakership. I suggest looking to Jimmy’s YT channel for a future clip– I have no doubt at all that he will post the entire discussion in short order.
Jimmy was also on the Katie Halper Show last night. She had a massive guest list last night, starting with a long conversation with Christian Parenti, then transitioning into a discussion of Jimmy’s strategy with Sirota, Stoller, Briahna Joy Gray, Justin Jackson, and Jimmy himself. Jimmy thoroughly dismantled the similar weak sauce arguments offered by Matt Stoller. In my humble evaluation, Stoller was utterly unmasked as a sinophobic chaos agent against any progressive ideas during a pandemic last night. The discussion starts at the 2:10 mark and Jimmy comes in 40 minutes later.


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