Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Childish Public Meltdown Between Developmentally Arrested Nerds?

 BBC  | Do you think that Google would have treated you differently if you were a white man?

I have definitely been treated differently.

In all of the cases that I've seen in the past, they [Google] try so hard not to make it a headline.

They try so hard to make it smooth.

When it's some other person who is toxic, there are always these conversations about: "Oh, but you know, they're so valuable to the company, they're a genius, they're just socially awkward, et cetera."

My entire team is completely behind me and they're taking risks.

They're taking actual risks to stand behind me.

My manager is standing behind me.

And even still, they decided to treat me in this way.

So definitely, I feel like I've been treated differently.

I suppose if you think that, the next obvious question is do you think Google itself is institutionally racist?

Yes, Google itself is institutionally racist.

That's quite a thing to say - you were a Google employee until a short while ago.

I feel like most if not all tech companies are institutionally racist.

I mean, how can I not say that they are not institutionally racist?

The Congressional Black Caucus is the one who's forcing them to publish their diversity numbers.

It's not by accident that black women have one of the lowest retention rates[, in the technology industry].

So for sure Google and all of the other tech companies are institutionally racist.



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