Saturday, November 21, 2020

Why Aren't Red States Grateful For Elite Coastal/Financial Strip Mining Of Our Economies?

These are segments from Rising featuring exemplary stretches of elite, straight-hate for the benighted peasants out here where I live. What jumps out of this cloud of misdirection is the framing of “Red“ state Trump supporters as welfare parasites, extracting our essentially unearned stipends from the productive largesse of the coastal cognitive elites. We addle-brained deplorables are ungrateful for vulture capitalists, hedge funds, military industrial technological complex that has strip mined wealth from us on the regular for generations.

Because these talking heads represent our cognitive elites, Russiagate is is not a hoax. BLM and the woke DNC minions are going to effect real criminal justice and law enforcement reform. Their accusations of treason, red baiting, and smears with one unsourced claim after another - never correcting the record when they were shown to be wrong - are the new normal. The mainstream narrative has told you authoritatively that Russia has more effect on our elections than Israel, Saudi Arabia, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and our own military industrial technological complex. 

Didn't you witness the way that they swept the Biden Crime Family information under the rug like it didn't even exist?

In my humble opinion, there is no way the PMC will allow the depth of its subversive control over everything including our elections to be revealed.  At this point, I suspect that Trump is negotiating for his post-presidential life - and that of his family. He is trying to drive a hard bargain. He will push the potential of a reveal up to the point where they will give him what he needs and a little of what he wants. 

Trump is looking to secure his family's continued ability to do business and be financially successful. In exchange, he will cease to seek a second term and will not tell too much about certain details or people in his upcoming book deal. That's it. 

Trump has learned the hard way that the deep state is too well entrenched to be defeated; that he cannot use the system that screwed him (and us) to unscrew us.  If the deep state has the power to fix a US presidential election and have the media pre-set on their side for the aftermath - then it is a fool's errand to think that one could use the very same system to set things right legally. 

I absolutely love the way Trump has trolled these pompous, oxygen-thieving parasites. He has done yoeman's work toward the valuable goal of getting us to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. That was a necessary first step toward a warrior taking the stage and begining the armed journey toward a fight to the death.

Trump is not this warrior.

There would have to be investigations and arrests of perpetrators. Careers will be ruined. Glad handing money making networks will be disrupted on a huge scale. In fact, the entire democrat party, especially as run by an old school machine politician like Biden, is a massive money making cartel. That cartel will take a big hit. The PMC will fight more viciously than ever now to prevent any of this from happening. 

The anti-Trump rhetoric will increase to hyperbolic levels exceeding even what we have seen over the past four years. True believers/ideologues will be in a frenzy. There will be continuous riots in the streets. probably targeted assassinations of Trump supporters and conservative politicians. Some of that will be spontaneous and some will be directed and funded by the anti-Trump "resistance". Blue governors will defy policy directives out of Washington DC.

There will be a whole new round of sabotage from the PMC that will surpass the Panicdemic, Russia collusion, lying about troop levels deployed to war zones, leaking to the press, fake news, impeachment and all of that nonsense.

The warrior will have to be autocratic, even 100% dictatorial, in his leadership style.

I don't see Trump as willing or able to do that job.