Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Sidney Powell For President - Accept No Substitutes....,

In case you missed it...

My favorite person in this fight for America, @SidneyPowell1, was on the @RealRLimbaugh show today hosted by @MarkSteynOnline.

If you didn't hear it live, I've broken down the audio and copied out some highlights just for you.


Q :15 – What’s the problem with Dominion Voting Systems?

A :20 – “The system was specifically created and designed by Venezuelan money and interests to rig elections for Hugo Chavez.”

:40 – “It has been used to rig this election to make it appear the votes were for Mr. Biden when Donald Trump won overwhelmingly, and I am in the process of collecting evidence through a firehose, to the point it feels like a tsunami now.”

1:11 - “100 Dominion employees have even taken any affiliation with Dominion off their LinkedIn account, and Dominion is scrubbing the names of people like crazy.”

1:40 - This all came out because their math experts identified the algorithm that was being run. It was changed to run 67% for Biden – votes were injected by that number in the hundreds of thousands.

2:09 - The exact same number of Biden votes were injected 3 times in Wisconsin and 2 times in Michigan (or vice versa) about 20 minutes apart.

Q 3:38 – "The deep state security guys who certify that this is the cleanest election ever run in America, are they the guys who…? (cutoff)"

A 3:46 – "They should be fired!"

3:54 – Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar were complaining about this several years ago.

Many of the articles on this are being scrubbed from the internet.

4:12 – "This is very widespread, and I have no doubt at this point it involves the tech companies in Silicon Valley that are also trying to suppress our free speech on all these issues to cover their own you-know-what."

Q 4:55 – Do you think the Supreme Court is going to sweep this under the rug?

A 5:06 – "I don’t think so. I think the evidence is going to be so overwhelming!"

5:10 – "I would warn any state right now that thinks they’re going to certify this election to rethink it very seriously because what they’re certifying is their own fraud and their own complicity in fraud."

5:45 – "The (machine) manual shows they can change any vote the want changed, they can reallocate ID from one vote to another, they can take batches of votes and trash them, they can add votes for Biden, they can be manipulated any way they want to be manipulated"

Q 6:33 – "Why would these even be features on voting machines?"

A 6:37 – "Because it was created to that to begin with!"

7:55 – There will be a class action lawsuit to prevent the states from prematurely certifying the election. You can go to
 http://defendingtherepublic.org  if you have evidence to add to the suit.

“Sidney will be defending it when most everybody else has fled.”

8:45 – “You might as well call them Venezuelan machines. We have Venezuelan communists influenced by Cuban communists counting our votes and deciding how our election is going to come out. It’s an absolute outrage”

10:18 – "Why do we have a complete contempt of chain of custody where votes are sent to foreign jurisdictions before they return as hard numbers?"

10:29 – "There are multiple means for them to alter it."

10:46 – “Whatever shenanigans take place in a precinct in Michigan if that’s insufficient, they can change it yet again while the so-called vote is out of the country.”

11:05 – “Right.”

11:08 – "The recount in Georgia that they’re pretending to do now, they’re going to try to use that to promote the argument that the Dominion fraud software is a hoax. That’s bologna."

11:20 – "They did all kinds of different things there (Georgia) that include kinda closing out Republican accounts and doing provisional ballots for people that then disappeared. We have to get access to the machines themselves to get the software and examine it."

(continued) "But we know there were ‘glitches’ in Georgia too, and we know that any time there was a glitch like that, it was software probably uploaded that changed things."

11:48 – "It should never have had an internet connection.

Patches were put in like the day before the election, and they were never certified. The machines aren’t supposed to be touched for ages before the election. That’s a volitation of law by itself."

12:00 – "I’ve been told that there are special concerns about the Governor of Georgia and the Secretary of State having received some kind of personal benefit for rushing the purchase of the Dominion machines into the state."

Q 13:26 - 14:18 – (paraphrase) Do you think Chief Justice John Roberts has the appetite to take this case up in the Supreme Court?

A 14:19 – “If that's not big enough for him to take the case, he should be impeached.”

14:43 – Do you feel optimistic that the truth is gonna come out about this thing?

14:49 – "I feel very optimistic the truth will get out. Of course everybody on the face of the earth is trying to suppress it including people in our own gov."


“I won’t quit until it’s out and RELEASE THE KRAKEN!”