Saturday, August 22, 2020

Spanish Doctor Wanders Completely Off The Panicdemic Reservation...,

Interviewer: Doctor, you know the situation very well. You’ve worked since the beginning of the pandemic with patients affected by the coronavirus. You are actually at the Escorial Hospital, here in Madrid. Tell us, what is the situation like, exactly? It’s worrying, is it not?  Can you tell us about the total saturation level? Are there hospitals that are beginning to increase the number of beds? Can you confirm any of this?

Doctor: Ah, no, I don’t believe so. I don’t know which hospitals you are talking about. It’s true we are seeing an increase in the number of admissions. But until last week there were none. Yesterday we had three. Three people, and over one hundred beds, you understand? So no, I don’t believe we are close to saturation levels. What’s more, the most crowded hospital, The 12th of October…

Interviewer: So The 12th of October is the hospital that cancelled all surgical interventions from its planning schedule and postponed less-urgent external consultations.

Doctor: Okay, yes. Yesterday, independent authorities published that there were 75 admissions – seventy five admitted in a hospital with 1,300 beds.

Interviewer: That’s right. And 540 infected!

Doctor: Are those sick or just positive cases? Because the data can deceive and confuse us. In the health centres, we administer only PCR tests, so we will find many positives. Furthermore, we are now hospitalizing people tested in their vehicles. We classify these positive PCR tests as Covid-19, even though they are only people that have been tested in their cars. So we are creating confusion by announcing, “Covid-19 cases are increasing!” when in fact, it is not true. There is an increase, but not for patients who have a pathology  of Covid-19.  A pathology of Covid-19 is what we saw in the spring when our hospitals were indeed crowded. But at present, we see an increase in cases that are the simple result of an increase in PCR testing. And having a positive PCR test does not necessarily mean that we are sick.

Interviewer: Tell us, in your hospital, for example, what are you doing? Are you preparing for September or October? Have the health staff returned?

Doctor: Why would they return? they are on vacation like all our elected officials and government personnel. There is no emergency. We are on alert, yes, but not in an emergency.

Interviewer: Are there replacements? Replacement doctors or nurses?

Doctor: I have no idea what was planned. As for the rest, the decision to suspend consultations or surgeries affects the supply in the blood banks and personnel. However, we haven’t yet seen the number of sick patients that we received in the spring.