Saturday, March 03, 2018

#Resistance Just So Much Astroturfed Bullshit...,

medium |  Anti-Trumpism has never been about opposing Trump. It’s about killing off what remains of the true left in America by bullying them into falling in line with the establishment and accusing them of supporting an evil Nazi traitor if they don’t. It’s about manufacturing support for new cold war escalations with Russia. It’s about manufacturing support for internet censorship to quash anti-establishment ideas. It’s about rescuing the career of every MSM pundit who’s been proven wrong about everything since 2015. It’s about distracting from the DNC scandal which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that democracy does not exist in America in any meaningful way. It’s about pacing rank-and-file Democrats into alignment with Bush era neoconservatives. Opposing Trump has nothing to do with it.

No, when it comes to actual policies that actually matter, Trump and those who McResist him are playing for the same exact team. Same expansion of the US war machine, same expansion of unaccountable Orwellian surveillance networks, same increasing government opacity and persecution of whistleblowers, same increasingly militarized police state, same soul-crushing Walmart economy, same subversion of anything resembling democracy, same oligarchy, same agenda. Same play, different masks.

The two parties are both lying to you and the entire show is fake. US politics is a WWE performance with the audience deeply invested in the outcome of the match, each side of the stadium screaming for their favorite wrestler when the only determining factor is what will make Vince McMahon the most money. It’s all a fake spectacle, and it’s designed to screw you over.

Ignore the political theater and watch what actually happens, and you will see a very, very different America than the one you are told to see by proponents of mainstream narratives. Ignore their words and watch their actions, and oppose everyone who’s on the side of the machine.