Friday, August 05, 2016

top people want us very concerned about terrorism, and not other, more serious issues...,

theantimedia |  One astounding aspect of the report is that the lucrative war-profiteering business involves nations the world would not usually regard as overly-interested in war. The countries contributing to the rising terror threat, as identified by the report, are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Romania, among others.

This report adds to the already glaring problem of European countries making billions of dollars off the death and destruction of Middle Eastern civilian life. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) found the United Kingdom was second only to the United States in arms sales, making up 10.4 percent of the total $401 billion worth of arms sold around the world for the 2014 period.

Although these figures refer directly to companies selling arms, the fact remains that European governments do nothing to deter this. In fact, former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron insists the U.K. has one of the strictest regimes anywhere in the world for sales of defence equipment but we do believe that countries have a right to self-defence.”

Shamefully, the United Kingdom’s billion dollar arms sales have been fueling the conflict in Yemen — thepoorest and most disadvantaged country in the Arab region — by arming the aggressive Saudi Arabian regime.Saudi Arabia’s ongoing intervention in Yemen merely benefits al-Qaeda.

Arms sales from Britain to human rights abusers are only increasing. The idea that European governments want to prevent terrorist attacks on the European mainland is ludicrous given the fact European governments continue to directly arm terrorist groups and brutal regimes that export jihadist philosophies.