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ordinary thinking a prisoner of the temporal consensus...,

a new model of the universe | The fourth dimension for us lies in the world of celestial bodies and in the world of molecules.

The fifth dimension lies in the moments of life eternally remaining where they are, and in the repetition of life itself, taken as a whole.

Life in itself is time for man. For man there is not and cannot be any other time outside the time of his life. Man is his life. His life is his time.

The way of measuring time, for all, by means of such phenomena as the apparent or real movement of the sun or the moon, is comprehensible as being convenient for practical purposes. But it is generally forgotten that this is only a formal time accepted by common agreement. Absolute time for man is his life. There can be no other time outside this time.

If I die to-day, to-morrow will not exist for me. But, as has been said before, all theories of the future life, of existence after death, of reincarnation, etc., contain one obvious mistake. They are all based on the usual understanding of time, that is, on the idea that to-morrow will exist after death. In reality it is just in this that life differs from death. Man dies because his time ends. There can be no to-morrow after death.

But all usual conceptions of the " future life " require the existence of " to-morrow ". What future life can there be, if it suddenly appears that there is no future, no " tomorrow", no time, no "after"? Spiritualists, theosophists, theologians and others who know everything about the future life, may find themselves in a very strange situation if the fact is realised that no "after" exists.

What then is possible? And what may the meaning of life as a circle be?

I have pointed out that the very curvature of the line of time implies the presence in it of yet another dimension, namely, the fifth dimension, or eternity. And if in the usual understanding the fourth dimension is extension of time, what can the fifth dimension, or eternity, be?


CNu said...

Note to self. Education and intelligence are not the primary barriers to apprehending the alchemical or esoteric gestalt.

Tom said...

So 1 Corinthians 1:19, but with holography.

CNu said...

Note to self. Education and intelligence are indispensable prerequisites for apprehending the alchemical or esoteric gestalt.

CNu said...

Forms of living bodies, living flowers, living ferns, are created according to the same principles, though in a more complex order. The outline of a tree gradually spreading into branches and twigs is, as it were, a diagram of the fourth dimension.

Leafless trees in winter or early spring often present very complicated and extraordinarily interesting diagrams of the fourth dimension. We pass them without noticing them because we think that a tree exists in three ­dimensional space.

ken said...

I think I found someone describing his 4th dimension experience. I realize they are not all the same, but is this guy getting close to the 4D experience?

"In altered states of consciousness my continuing philosophical inquiry, enabled me to see things in new ways. Like a tyrannical king whose claim to the throne is suddenly found to be spurious, some of my most fundamental and unwanted perceptions and beliefs lost their power as truisms in my mind. I began to
challenge everything I had once taken for granted, especially the sacred cows of the establishment.

I experienced a loss of ego or self-image boundaries. I began to feel intrinsically connected to the universe as my larger and more real self—an infinite consciousness into which my finite consciousness was merging. I began to receive “revelations” from an Inner Voice, which on one occasion I committed to writing. One such revelation was that love was the fundamental principle of the universe. For the first time being a good person
was an important goal in my life.

But I must stress that throughout these experiences I reserved a portion of my mind to function as a critical observer. It’s just that as a skeptic of the supernatural I had been ill-prepared for two things I encountered in altered states. The first was a very real sensation of expanding awareness which made my old skepticisms seem like blind prejudices. The second proof was the occurrence of external corroboration in my new-found psychic abilities—telepathy and precognition. These experiences gradually persuaded even my critical observer that something paranormal was going on.

I suddenly received a powerful premonition that in the midst of this drug experience a new truth would be revealed to me. By this time I’d learned from experience that when such intuitive knowings came on so strongly, I should pay serious attention to them. My immediate response was excitement, since I’d devoted my entire life to seeking truth.

Immediately, I had a visionary experience more powerful than any I’d had before. I lost all consciousness of the room and the people in it. I felt as though I’d transcended all finite boundaries. I could hear very distinct, audible voices speaking to me in the most intimate and reassuring manner. Intuitively I knew who they belonged to—people from distant points in space and time. The explanation for such long-distance communication seemed to be that we were all plugged into the same Universal Mind. I also had a
vision of a blue or positive energy, and a red or negative energy, The blue energy was drawing me to enlightenment and peace—the transcendence of this unnecessary conflict I’d been going through. The red energy was seeking to keep me locked into ignorance and self-destructive ego patterns, and was using this
conflict to do so.

Once my consciousness returned to my body I felt moved to go outside. Emotionally overwhelmed, I looked up at the stars and my inner conflict was now entirely gone. I now had a seemingly unshakeable confidence in my experiences.

Drugs were no longer so necessary to have such experiences. To some extent I was always in a state of cosmic consciousness now. Also, my psychic abilities now seemed five times stronger. Telepathy and precognition (often verified) were almost becoming daily parts of my experience.

Ego death was a critical aspect of my experience. My consciousness was to some degree in what mystics term the Now—very aware of my immediate surroundings and of an interpenetrating spiritual dimension, but very out of touch with my past and a normal sense of self."

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