Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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CNu said...

Notwitstanding the fact that the All-Seeing-Eye was built on the sulphurous fumes of neocon/teatard paranoia and aggression, here are a couple of examples of exactly why its power must NEVER be allowed to fall into their political narrative control:

Nakajima Kikka said...

Are you saying that Panopticon is now a done deal--a "fact on the ground", as the Israelis say"--as permanent as the Rocky Mountains? Is it now just a question of ensuring that Panopticon doesn't fall into the wrong hands?

Vic78 said...

Did you attend public schools growing up? The panopticon is here and there ain't much one can do about it. The reason I brought up public school is how they enforce their discipline. We all have to write a certain way. We had better be where we're supposed to when the bell rings. We're placed in permanent class settings depending on how we mark scantron sheets. We all know Christopher Columbus discovered America. I remember my 8th grade home ec teacher telling me that there are others whose time is more valuable than mine. What kind of bullshit is that to say to kids? Needless to say I got that question wrong on the test. They make sure to give us at least 12 years of training.

CNu said...

lol, Panopticon BEEN a done deal and permanent fact on the ground - for a minute now - since the NSA memo I linked as the image on one of today's posts about snowballs rolling and growing dates back to 2006.

Total Information Awareness is a very longstanding objective of the party and ideology transcending Deep State. That said, I think it absolutely DOES matter which party and which ideology is rocking its day-to-day application and use. The way these next generation packet sniffing and capture systems work, there is WAAAAAAAY too much information for any man or machine to sift through in search of meaningful flows. Rather, what is required is flow initiator and responder address information (Merkel's cell phone number for example) that makes anything coming and going from those trivially searchable end-points meaningful by default. (though as a matter of fact, for the most part, that information isn't really very meaningful at all and probably tends toward the very mundane.)

Like the Rings of Power - it really does very much matter who is wearing them at any given time, because that will determine how they're used.

Nakajima Kikka said...

Panopticon using traffic analysis. A powerful surveillance tool indeed, particularly when virtually all of the targets do not understand its basic principles. Still, the tool can be effectively thwarted. To wit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_analysis#World_War_II

The limitations of traffic analysis necessitates the need for pervasive surveillance, which is what I normally think of by Panopticon, and what I believe Obama's thinking is as well.

NYC is proving to be a great test-bed for pervasive surveillance build-out. Long-term plans incorporate even apparently mundane things like the ability of the medical establishment to remotely monitor patients' ingestion of medicine in real-time (RFID chips inside the pills).

If Panopticon can no longer be avoided--and I agree that at this point (autumn 2013) it can't be--the question then becomes, if Panopticon is controlled by the right people, can it sustainably be used for mostly wholesome ends (making sure that everyone complies with agreed-upon medical treatment, for example)? Or is there something about Panopticon itself that, over time, will corrupt its controllers? Can there be a diversity of Panopticon societies (wholesome or not, depending on the motives of the controllers), or does Panopticon ultimately lead all societies to the same totalitarian endpoint?

Dale Asberry said...

I know that IBM has been doing some deep simulations with AI that seems likely was trained by the crazy amounts of data from the NSA to predict group behavior and discover outliers.

Nakajima Kikka said...

I did. Public schools then did have a lot of rules (they have a lot more now) and behaviorial expectations. And teachers and administrators did keep an eye on us. But my experience still wasn't what I would call a Panopticon one. It was still quite possible to find a quiet, out of the way place on schools grounds where you and your girlfriend could make out, unobserved. For example.

Now, however, it's much more that kind of experience. Security cameras in PS are pervasive, and many schools tie them directly into local police, so the students can be monitored in real-time by both the school and the police. Try to make out with your girlfriend on school grounds now and you'll be caught on camera, picked up and most likely charged with being sexual predators.

CNu said...

Um..., the amount of manpower required to do realtime monitoring of security cameras is staggering. For all practical purposes, that doesn't exist anywhere. However, let there be an incident, believed to have occurred "on or about" a given time/place, and then all that data can be searched and the salient salami slices of recorded activity reviewed for a visual record.

lol, it's still very easy to find quiet, out of the way places to engage in dysgenic fumbling and bumbling accompanied by the unmistakable taint of teen spirit....,

CNu said...

Well, any and everything transiting these Interwebs is currently subject to the Panopticon, IF, and that's a big IF, the watchers have either specific initiator or responder information. If you're nobody, and none of your communications ever intersect those of any initiators/responders of interest, well then, for all practical purposes I'd be inclined to consider you a needle in one truly enormous haystack.

As for the ultimate end-game Panopticon, that'll depend entirely on consumer adoption of the coming Internet of things, more widespread adoption and use of IPv6 (cause we're going to need a lot more IP addresses than exist now) and attachment of those new nodes to these Interwebs means the emergence of a genuine Panopticon.

As with brick and mortar spycraft, the ability to forge credentials, imitate accents, get-in where you fit-in - enabling well-trained operators to freely transit Westphalian boundaries, there already exists an elite minority capable of freely interoperating over these Interwebs with impunity. That will never change.

As long as secrets and privacy matter in any way at all, the Panopticon cannot be anything other than a source of ethical and moral corruption leading any and all wearers of the ring to violation of personal boundaries for psychic or actual gain. Only people outside our little linear wormtrails of space and time would be impervious to the corrupting influence of the All Seeing Eye. http://subrealism.blogspot.com/2012/02/this-shock-will-rend-veil-between.html

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