Sunday, March 24, 2013

the cypress crisis isn't what it seems...,

johngaltfla | the truth behind what is happening in Cyprus is not the minute amount of Euros the hedge funds of the European and Federal Reserve banksters are poised to lose, but control of the Eastern Mediterranean natural resources without dependency on the Russian Bear or the insanity of the “Arab Spring.” At this moment, one has to visualize the reality of the situation as displayed in the map below:

The fields from the Eastern Med are projected to have over 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and well over 20 billion barrels of oil according to independent estimates. The question is who would object to a cheap supply of petroleum products to the Southern European debtor economies (the proverbial PIIGS) who need cheap energy the most? Try this list on for size:
  • Russia – Losing its monopoly and ability to manipulate political events in Europe and the Middle East
  • OPEC – The Arab nations fear losing their influence on Europe and the ability to manage prices and deprive Israel of not just energy independence but financial freedom from Europe and the United States; it is quite possible that the Arabs are pressuring Russia to threaten the European Union to prevent completion of this pipeline complex in favor of their supply via Turkish territory
  • The Fed/ECB banking cartel – Without the ability to control natural resources and the independence of economies in North America and Europe, regardless of size, their ability to profit from advances or misery within the economies disappears and the independence which results weakens their geopolitical influence
The results of this week’s abandonment of the deposit tax which was a blatant attempt to remove sovereignty from the Greek Cypriot population has now shifted with the news tonight from the Cyprus Times:

Last hope now appears to lie with Russia

Russia appears more than willing to bail out the Cypriot banking system in exchange for an obscene raping of their control of the natural resources within their grasp and being developed now. 

In other words, the wealthy and average persons are guaranteed financial security if they surrender their natural resources, or control thereof, to the Russian Bear instead of the ever reliable British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Total Fina, etc. which are working with the ECB banking cartel. This trade off is reflected by the fury of the IMF and ECB in the actions of the Cypriot parliament yet the rest of the world is under the perception that the banking crisis in Cyprus is self-inflicted. Sadly, it is much more than it seems. The Greek and Cypriot banks which are in trouble acted as fronts for the European banking cartel’s hedge funds which speculate in Cypriot real estate which eventually led to this crisis. The bankers have demanded, much like within the United States, that the citizens of Cyprus absorb losses for overseas investors and bypass the democratic processes to protect their principle.

If the people of Cyprus are wise, they will absorb a period of short term financial and economic misery where they remove themselves from the European Union and central banking cartel and re-introduce the Cypriot Pound at a 10:1 or 100:1 ratio to the Euro. As the Israeli-Cypriot-Southern European pipeline realizes production and viability in the next three years, total economic independence would be realize and the ability to repay its Euro denominated debts concluded in a very short time period, unlike the true default of Iceland. The people of Cyprus are not in the midst of an economic crisis but a geopolitical one, which could decide if national sovereignty is more important than the globalist economic system.

Let us hope the people of that island nation are brave enough to endure the firestorm that is on their doorstep and make the right choices in the weeks to come.