Thursday, November 15, 2012

when try'na impress a skeezer and reckless teabaggery go wrong...,

NYTimes | Mr. Humphries, who was identified on Wednesday by law enforcement colleagues, took the initial complaint from Jill Kelley, a Tampa woman active in local military circles and a personal friend, about anonymous e-mails that accused her of inappropriately flirtatious behavior toward Mr. Petraeus.

The subsequent cyberstalking investigation uncovered an extramarital affair between Mr. Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, his biographer, who agents determined had sent the anonymous e-mails. It also ensnared Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, after F.B.I. agents discovered what a law enforcement official said on Wednesday were sexually explicit e-mail exchanges between him and Ms. Kelley.

A spokesman for Ms. Kelley provided her version of events in two conference calls with reporters on Wednesday. Ms. Kelley’s concern when she took the e-mails to Mr. Humphries was that she feared the sender was “stalking” Mr. Petraeus and General Allen, said the spokesman, who asked not to be identified.

“She asks the agent, ‘What do you make of this?’ ” the spokesman said. “The agent said: ‘This is serious. They seem to know the comings and goings of a couple of generals.’ ”

General Allen himself had received a similar anonymous e-mail message, sent by someone identified as “kelleypatrol,” advising him to stay away from Ms. Kelley. The general forwarded it to Ms. Kelley, and they discussed a concern that someone was cyberstalking them.

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said he had asked the Senate to postpone a confirmation hearing for General Allen’s next assignment while the department’s inspector general reviewed his e-mail correspondence with Ms. Kelley, which was discovered by F.B.I. agents investigating her initial complaint.

Pentagon officials said the review covered more than 10,000 pages of documents that included “inappropriate” messages. But associates of General Allen have said that the two exchanged about a dozen e-mails a week since meeting two years ago and that his messages were affectionate but platonic.

A law enforcement official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, disputed that assertion on Wednesday, saying some messages were clearly sexual. Investigators were confident “the nature of the content warranted passing them on” to the inspector general, the official said.


Big Don said...

...BD fails to understand Subrealism's intense focus on the Petraeus scandal. So somebody important got a little extra on the side, BFD. Good grief, CNu, if official misconduct is your bag, you would do a lot better to examine, e.g., Zimbabwe. Or even that multitude of precincts in Pennsylvania where the vote was 100.000% for Obama, or those precincts in Ohio where 110-140% of the registered voters actually cast votes....

CNu said...

A clutch of operationally failed republican generals done in by their little heads and a teabagging fbi agent motivated by his little head - all pursuant to some stankazz, nasty, trifling skeezers and you think I'd let up on something as culturally, morally, and politically rich as this?!?!?!?!


The VERY BEST you have to offer has set you all back

CNu said...

Let's enumerate, shall we?

1. neocon "counterinsurgency" genius generals shown to be incompetent adolescents thinking with their wrinkled-up, little-old peckers
2. the neocon "counterinsurgencies themselves complete and total operational failures
3. high-living, international, jet-setting neocon generals balling so hard they've attracted scandalous, stankazzed groupies
4. all of the above warsocialist boondoggle done on the taxpayer's dime
5. pan-optic surveillance and patriot act license to ill without a warrant gone wild
6. a cuckolding hoochie overcome by the seven deadlies triggers it all with some classic Jerry Springer worthy nonsense
7. a teabagging fbi agent sucking up to yet another trifling, ghetto-fabulous hoochie blows a Jerry Springer moment up into a catastrophe
8. more, more, and yet more to come....,

oh, and phuk a Zimbabwe, I ain't pay no African taxes, speak no African languages, or have any African allegiances. I'm more American than you triggaboo! So when you come cryin about how my little light is burning your eyes, mebbe you need to wipe out the crust and ask yourself some kwestins about the health and well-being of your most sacred cows.

You been clowned by your VERY BEST, and that shit burnssssss........,

CNu said...

Big Don said...

Sorry about your raw nerve, CNu. In the grand future-of-the-country scheme of things, there are far more important issues than the General's bedroom..---> .the country your children/grandchildren et al descendants will have to live in. You are again directed to Some sort of useless-eating cross-mogriphication of Sierra Leone, Mexico and South Sudan with no USA to provide aid ....they won't even have OBAMAPHONE...

CNu said...

rotflmbao..., why hasn't that large-handed hermaphroditic slorebag Ann Coulter done her part to breed up a litter of IQ-100 fodder in service to the herrenvolk? At least Broadwell and Kelley kicked out some sons for the "homeland", though at this juncture, their paternity is very much open to question.

Anonymous said...

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