Monday, November 26, 2012

what qualifies this asshat to publicly opine on this topic again?

cnn | If there's been one consistent thread running through the U.S. economic story since 2008, it's been the steady drumbeat of gloom.

Outright recession or sub-standard growth, stubbornly high unemployment and fiscal crises have been the topics du jour when it comes to the world's biggest economy.

But now an unlikely champion for U.S. growth under the Obama administration has emerged -- a former adviser to a Republican Party presidential candidate and Harvard history professor, Niall Ferguson, who says America could actually be heading toward a new economic "golden age."
And it has nothing to do with Washington and everything to do with energy.

Ferguson, who is also an author and commentator, believes the production of natural gas and oil from shale formations via a process known as "fracking" -- forcing open rocks by injecting fluid into cracks -- will be a game changer.

"This is an absolutely huge phenomenon with massive implications for the U.S. economy, and I think most people are still a little bit slow to appreciate just how big this is," he said in Hong Kong this week.

"Conceivably it does mean a new golden age."


John Kurman said...

Late one night I watched part of an episode of Ferguson's "Civilization" on PBS. After a bit of viewing, I asked myself "Why is he regurgitating all the lies I learned in grade school?" I don't understand why he is so well respected. I don't get Dawkins' or Pinker's fame either. Are they really THAT good at hand jobs?

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