Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the john brown moment

kunstler | Over on this side of the Atlantic, America's experiment in pervasive control fraud took a new turn with the pretended "settlement" of massive, widespread, robo-signing allegations that will allow a bunch of "the usual suspect" TBTF banks off the hook from future liability and criminal prosecution resulting from hundreds of billions of dollars worth of swindles. The TBTF banks will have to pay, when all the "principal reduction credits" and other dodgy subtractions are made, a couple of billion altogether, which is obviously little more than a cost of doing business for such supernaturally fabulous returns. And then that is supposed to be the end of the whole disgusting episode.

Last to cave in on this legally squooshy agreement between fifty states was New York's own Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, newly enlisted in the elite national corps of cads, bounders, and sell-outs. This was the week that the same Schneiderman agreed to lead President Obama's so called Mortgage Fraud Task Force, which, any child of eight can see, is a smokescreen to conceal the fact that the US Department of Justice has failed to initiate any action whatsoever in the vast and gruesome pageant of fraud that has transformed the rule of law into a rule of larceny.

Do you think the late Whitney Houston was a lost soul? Then look for the soul of your country - if you can find it in the wilderness of self-denial, self-double-dealing, and suicidal self-perfidy that it has blundered into with eyes wide shut. No lie is now too big for the United States to swallow. If Europeans ignite and blow up when kicked down the road, here is what will happen to America: it will blunder down its own road until it reaches the next John Brown moment. John Brown put his proverbially famous body in the middle of that road some ways back. He mounted an insurrection at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, in an attempt to fast-track the abolition of slavery. Brown was hanged in 1859, but less than two years later the Civil War commenced, the greatest convulsion in our history. So far.

Slavery was yesteryear's abomination in America as pervasive control fraud is today's. Somewhere out in America right now is the new American John Brown, a righteous fanatic whose act is waiting to alter the course of history. The next John Brown will also precipitate what was a long time coming. Reality is busy in the background, even while we blog and dither, setting things up.


Tom said...

Good points.  I study SEC filings for a living, but  anybody who works in corporate America can see that what the author calls control fraud is not just a problem, it is the name of the game.  We have managerism not capitalism.  Screw the stupid schmucks who are dumb enough to think their capital buys them a place at the table.

And, yeah,  how much room do any of us have right now to say W Houston was more lost than we are?  Not as much as we think.  Instead of thinking "Poor Whitney" we should all be thinking every day how to get ourselves out of the same track.

nanakwame said...

Yes or made fun by crass techies, who actually called for drug reforms - Great term, "suicidal self-perfidy" A man is born gentle and
weak. At his death he is hard
and stiff. Green plants are tender
and filled with sap. At their death they are
withered and dry.Therefore the stiff and
unbending is the disciple of death. The gentle and yielding
is the disciple of life. -- Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching ...From Another Chair

CNu said...

 Gawd's will must be done http://youtu.be/ZYoUGkQJI64

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