Wednesday, December 28, 2011

an extremist minority destroying national solidarity, sounds familiar...

aljazeera | Thousands of Israelis have rallied in a town near Jerusalem against ultra-Orthodox Jews whose campaign for gender segregation has erupted into verbal and physical abuse against women.

The protest in Beit Shemesh, 30km west of Jerusalem, on Tuesday was organised after an outburst of public anger over an eight-year-old girl's charges on television that ultra-Orthodox men had spat at her on her way to school, accusing her of immodest dress.

Police said that "several hundreds" of their forces were deployed to supervise the protest following attacks on media and police over the past two days by members of the ultra-Orthodox community.

Protesters held signs protest saying, "Free Israel from religious coercion" and "Stop Israel from becoming Iran", but members of the ultra-Orthodox community were nowhere in sight during the rally.

Activists' calls for a protest came after the broadcast of a documentary on national TV, in which young girl Naama Margolese said she was afraid to walk to school in the town because ultra-Orthodox men shouted at her.

In the run-up to the gathering, Shimon Peres, the Israeli president, urged the public to attend. "The demonstration today is a test for the people and not just the police," he told a gathering of Israeli ambassadors.

"All of us ... must defend the image of the state of Israel from a minority that is destroying national solidarity and expressing itself in an infuriating way."


Tom said...

Funny Israeli guy I know, far from orthodox, told me that, scripture-wise, Israel is only supposed to get reestablished after the Messiah comes.   (Is that right? I don't recall exactly.  But there are some kind of preconditions, generally accepted as not having been satisfied.)  So then he said "that's why so many of the ultra-orthodox people are saying the Jews should get out of Israel."   Which,  I was like, "They are? Really?"  And he explained, no, obviously they are not saying any such thing.

The similarity to ultra-bonehead Xtians is too overwhelming for words.

CNu said...

They do in fact say such a thing

CNu said...

Oh, and as for anything relating to the "history" of Judaica and the early church, I heartily recommend everything written by Freke and Gandy total, muffled, devastation on stage - and without any apparent knowledge of the entheogenic origins or purpose of the mysteries themselves....,

Tom said...

Wait, maybe my bud's joke was "That's why you see them leaving Israel."  

Tom said...

I'm checking out the link.  It's pretty convincing.

My big rebellion against organized religion came at age 8 or so.  I told my Sunday school teacher I saw on TV they found something proving Jesus' existence.  She said "this is the proof" and held up a copy of the New Testament.    

Now how can the same God who created the world found an organization that believes that kind of foolishness?   Something's not right!   Taking a page from Umbrarchist's book, whenever I've had trouble making something work in the real world, it's always been that I had too much faith.  Never that I didn't have enough.  Can't be the same Dude with the book.

Tom said...


I should say, I don't particularly believe their answer.  But to me it sounds more reasonable to go back to whatever source material is left and propose various theories, than to propound a religion whose central tenet is "believe such-and-such without evidence."

CNu said...

Freke and Gandy make a fairly overwhelming case that Judaism was constructed from whole clothe in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC in awed response to Hellenic cultural influences, i.e., that there's no historical basis for Mosaic or old testament Judaica whatsoever....,

CNu said...

simply devastating...,

Big Don said...

So what does that make Kwanzaa?? ---> A holiday constructed from whole clothe without historical basis in 1966 by "Ron" Karenga, a black militant, Marxist, and convicted felon who was convicted of torturing two black women to death. 

CNu said...

lol, some more dumbshit for you to obsess over...,

brotherbrown said...

Yea, I was thinking how every holiday is someone's BS construction, it's just a question of whether one wants to celebrate.  I'm not personally insulted by any of them, but do we really need memorial and veterans day?

As it relates to religion, being old doesn't make it more legitimate, and is their any religion that is not associated with war?

CNu said...


nanakwame said...

Not totally correct - some groups have made apologies for training Japanese Soldiers in WWII. look it up - Buddhism did not start as a religion like Tao and Zen, cultures made them religions following Christianity and Islam Theocracy rudiments. Here is a more intelligent look at your, Big Don, and Cobb's point on what I consider the correct nomenclature:  multiethnic - which religions uses to fill its dwindling ranks, everywhere. aphorism:Ordinary people are as common as grass, but good people are dearer than the eye

nanakwame said... to put those dots

Gee Chee Vision said...

I read through some of Freke's arguments. In the absence of religion
would Weinberger's b.s. no longer have a trough to nurture his
infectious BSE? Would the absence of Christianity have spared the
Panamanian people from Reagan?

Would Freke be just as
courageously objective by considering Hippocrates take on cold climate
cultures in his criticism of Weinberger and kin?

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“...we have still to
consider the problem why the Asiatics are of a less warlike and a more tame
disposition than the Europeans. The deficiency of spirit and courage observable
in the human inhabitants of Asia has for its principal cause the low margin of
seasonal variability in the temperature of that continent, which is
approximately stable throughout the year. Such a climate does not produce those
mental shocks and violent bodily dislocations which would naturally render the
temperament ferocious and introduce a stronger current of irrationality and
passion than would be the case under stable conditions. It is invariably changes
that stimulate the human mind and that prevent it from remaining passive.
(Hippocrates, Influences of atmosphere, water and situation)” -The History of
the Idea of EuropeIt's good N.O.I ammo no doubt. I'm
quite certain Freke would categorize Weinberger as a lone gunman before
finding "a stronger current of irrationality" in the whiteness they both
share. Yet this logic is totally sound to him when applied to other

CNu said...

GCV embarked on some Livingstonian time-tripping...., (^;

The full extent of what I have to say about Freke and Gandy is that they devastate the myth of Judaic antiquity, demonstrate the continuity over millenia of the dying god mythos, and that's pretty much where I leave it, because they don't do anything with the most interesting aspects of this ancient history.

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