Thursday, December 15, 2011


HuffPo | Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the New York Police Department has become one of the nation's most aggressive domestic intelligence agencies, targeting ethnic communities in ways that would run afoul of civil liberties rules if practiced by the federal government, an Associated Press investigation has found.

These operations have benefited from unprecedented help from the CIA, a partnership that has blurred the line between foreign and domestic spying.

The department has dispatched undercover officers, known as "rakers," into minority neighborhoods as part of a human mapping program, according to officials directly involved in the program. They've monitored daily life in bookstores, bars, cafes and nightclubs. Police have also used informants, known as "mosque crawlers," to monitor sermons, even when there's no evidence of wrongdoing.

Neither the city council, which finances the department, nor the federal government, which has given NYPD more than $1.6 billion since 9/11, is told exactly what's going on.

Many of these operations were built with help from the CIA, which is prohibited from spying on Americans but was instrumental in transforming the NYPD's intelligence unit.

A veteran CIA officer, while still on the agency's payroll, was the architect of the NYPD's intelligence programs. The CIA trained a police detective at the Farm, the agency's spy school in Virginia, then returned him to New York, where he put his new espionage skills to work inside the United States.

And just last month, the CIA sent a senior officer to work as a clandestine operative inside police headquarters.


Ed Dunn said...

This is why I decided to be committed to STEM as it is very apparent this country is itching to use the latest spying/surveillance technology on the civilian population.  While the street cats in Chicago learned to counter this level of intelligence by applying low-level skills that been in use for over 85 years to signal each other and cause confusion and false alerts, many non-street people will fall victim to the government filter.

The one that gets me the most is the cat with the R/C airplanes who the gov claim wanted to crash them into buildings. How they found him on their radar is enough to make wonder if they are just finding people and entrapping them.

CNu said...

You and me both. STEM and CAPS (center for advanced professional studies) are the operative rubrics.

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