Friday, June 10, 2011

influence explorer

Influence Explorer | Influence Explorer now integrates with three other Sunlight projects: Party Time, Lobbying Registration Tracker and OpenCongress. Check out the updated lobbying sections, which now include links to bills lobbied on and daily updates of recent lobbying activity. The updated politician pages now include links to recent and upcoming fundraisers.

Influence Explorer also now shows data from the Project On Government Oversight indicating when federal contractors have a history of misconduct such as contract fraud and environmental, ethics and labor violations.

Inbox Influence

Your new favorite email tool since the spam filter

Inbox Influence is a new tool from the Sunlight Foundation that allows you to see the political contributions of the people and organizations that are mentioned in emails you receive. This easy-to-use tool can be used for researching influence background on corporate correspondence, adding context to newspaper headlines or discovering who is behind political fundraising solicitations.

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Checking Influence

When you shop, do you wonder where your money really goes?

Checking Influence shows you how companies you do business with every day are wielding political influence. By securely analyzing your online bank or credit card statement, Checking Influence shows your own spending alongside corporate spending on lobbying activities and campaign contributions, helping you be a more informed consumer and citizen.

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Dig up political influence

Feed in a news article, blog post or press release, and Poligraft will present you with an enhanced view of the people, organizations and relationships described in the piece. Poligraft allows you to connect the dots between money and politics in Congress and state offices.

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