Saturday, June 11, 2011

arnach tugs big don's sleeve

I would like to propose a subreal summer reading list:
How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell

My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor
If you believe that there is meaning in the tone and manner in which words are said and stories told, then you have a compelling reason to listen to the audiobook recording of that last one as read by the author. In any case, you should have no problem getting through any of these books if you are able to read and comprehend at the high school level; there's nothing obscure or technical anywhere in any of them. What you may find, in fact, is that you are drawn into each as you might be by a good novel. You might also find yourself looking forward to reading (or listening to) them again, because you know you’ll get a little something more out of each the next time through.

I believe that, if you are able to understand and integrate the information in these books into your thinking, you will discover that you have a better understanding of, and better control over, how your own brain works and how your mind is affected by things that are presented to you in everyday life. Besides, what’s the most it’ll cost you? A little lazy time and a trip or two to the library? As you can see from the wikipedia page in the title link, you can read Gladwell’s book starting right now, for free, from his website!

The question, Big Don, is whether or not you’re actually man enough to do it? I can see from your bookshelf that you are not a man afraid of words. A whole summer should be enough time. Now, I have a feeling that the suggestion alone (particularly coming here on this blog) is likely to predispose you against both the action and the material. If so, that would be a shame. Particularly because, since you and I come from similar technical backgrounds (I think I might need to get myself a copy of Carrier’s fan book you got that ~1970 edition of on your bottom shelf there), I’m very interested to learn when the setting of one’s ways in stone will occur and when to expect to reach the point at which all new information becomes irrelevant (or perhaps worse, dangerous). I thought engineers were different than that. Not that I believe any of that is actually inevitable…just (unfortunately) common.


arnach said...

The reading list was for all subrealists, and I hope that you each and all take it up.

Only the last paragraph was specifically directed to our favorite blustering dittohead.

nanakwame said...

Come on teacher do I have to read non-fiction, this summer? I don't even know what the fuck  to see in the movies. I would like to see that play on the Mormons, damn Canadians. May take the Cup again.  Smart picks - Gladwell turn out to be quite a brillant person for the times.

CNu said...

So BD, is you is or is you ain't gonna tap into the above recommendations? 

arnach said...

ROFL, as if you haven't made it subtly clear who makes whom do what in your neck of the woods.  In any case, you'll breeze through them in no time, and most likely be richly rewarded for having done so.  One suggestion:  leave the Taylor audiobook for last.

nanakwame:  If I have not made myself clear, let me do so now:  If you make an honest effort to understand and integrate these opera, you may find yourself one day looking back at a before-and-after line in the way you view the world.  While such eventuality is in no way guaranteed, the possibility is sufficiently high that the frail, faint of heart, and close-minded should take careful consideration before proceeding.  Everybody else will be OK.

nanakwame said...

There are no gems in life w/o mud. I am a warrior first and last.
It is but a journey, and since you are virtual, you couldn't enjoy the truth of my admission. That 's is a new element of the human journey. Strange at times, but yeah so is nature. Dallas Wins

Nothing Human Is Alien
to Me

Afro-Roman Playwright – Terrence

Uglyblackjohn said...

First SeeNew gives us homework now guys in the comments section do so as well?
This is a tough class...

arnach said...

Against what do you war?

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