Monday, June 13, 2011

camden - poster child of american ruin


nanakwame said...

Camden is quite a story of apathy and neglect in America's Power Growth.
They have just moved the prison from the water front a year ago, for Philly had to re-build their waterfront, for high-paying Condos on the river front. They are attempting to re-do an old town of Camden behind the closed prison, looking at Iron Hill sector of Philly. Brewing beer as what is happening in Williamsburg NYC. Bohemia returned, as they bring back the water transportation from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
The Asian live in the housing developments and around the city, they travel all the way to NYC. So, one can go from a Rutgers College campus development to serious blight in a matter of minutes, behind Rutgers College.
There are rich enclaves everywhere around the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Is contained dystopia cruelty given the perceived culling coming from this blog’s meta? Or did creative destruction hurt Afro-American worst than Euro-Americans? And did certains sectors of our population just lose a will and dimmed into unconsious animal living?