Thursday, June 16, 2011

african gods not sleeping...,

hwaairfan | And it seems God spoke again on a continent shaped like the heart – the heart that some African leaders are betraying when a volcano that had been dormant since 1861 erupted. The Dubbi volcano, in the Southern Red Sea Region, Eritrea erupted sending plumes of ash and smoke 8 miles up into the air, during Hilary Clinton’s African tour sending her home a day earlier than expected – not the first time Hilary has had such a welcome in Africa!

If the colonized will not listen, the indigenous will defend their land which the world seeks to rape again of its bounty while turning Africa people homeless, starving and begging as a result of the second scramble for Africa/land-grab.

The people are waking up around the world calling for dignity and justice, and Africans not lost to the bloodlust of the imperialists are no different in that regard.

Elders of Africa, ask for the right value of your exported produce before “leasing” land of which your people will not benefit. All land grab reports have proven this so demand this of your leaders. And lease land that belongs to know one either ancestrally or traditionally for this is the right of the land to be protected, for without land there is no nation to defend. Limit the channels at which land can be leased to avoid illegal leasing, and make the lease short-term, for who knows what the future will bring, for the benefits from that lease should be rendered and directed to the benefit of the people, so that your name, and your children and grandchildren will be honoured where it will be remembered! And if you do not understand the lease, or have the means to uphold the processes involved with the lease, it is better not to sign – for those that come to you for your land eat away at their own people and bankrupt their own countries, so what chance does a people who have never truly been respected stand!


Makheru Bradley said...

While a Son of Afrika tries of avoid the War Powers Act by claiming that firing hellfire missiles from drones at targets in Libya does not constitute "hostilities,"  Afrikan leaders have responded to Hillary Clinton's demand that they sever ties with Muammar Qaddafi.

African leaders today demanded an immediate end
to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's bombing campaign in Libya
and called for the African Union and United Nations to take the lead in
reaching a political solution.

Makheru Bradley said...

It's too bad that Zuma didn't have that perspective before South Afrika voted for 1973.  Barring a radical transformation of ANC policies, Zuma could be facing his own uprising very soon.

[On June 16, the SNI -
together with other community organisations and churches - staged a march
titled "from Alex to Sandton - from Hell to Heaven". Alexandra is one
of the most depressed and neglected townships in South Africa, but a stone-throw
away lies the richest white suburb of Sandton, where some of the most prominent
black political figures now live. The spirit of June 16, 1976 will not rest
until true equality and dignity is realised. Now we can say the struggle
continues in South Africa.]--

The UK and France can talk all of the smack they want to, but they are holding their collective breaths, praying that the US Congress and courts don't rein-in Double-O before they kill Muammar Qaddafi. Double -O is the big dog in this fight. Without him NATO can't sustain this murderous campaign.

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