Tuesday, January 27, 2009

real magic...,

New Dimensions | Mushrooms are our ancestors. Mycelium fields have a consciousness. Most importantly, they create the soil on which all of life on earth depends. And yet, we have identified less than ten percent of all species of mushrooms, and we're rapidly destroying the habitat they-and we-need to survive. As Paul Stamets says, "We are Neanderthals with nuclear weapons. I sense that our descendents are screaming back from the future saying, 'Wake up. Don't you see?' We have all this ability with Google, and the internet, and the ability to do DNA coding, and yet we don't have the most elementary understanding of the very organisms that generate the soil that gives us life." Mr. Stamets has made it his life's work to change that, and with this interview you can join him in that endeavor. You'll hear fascinating stories of the healing power of mushrooms, and how they may play a key role in reversing the destructive impact our modern technology and industry have had on our planet. His passion for his work is clear, and he's likely to inoculate you with a fascination for these organisms who have so very much to teach us. Listen free till February 4th.