Thursday, January 29, 2009

no more bogeyman....,

NYTimes | In his first White House televised interview, with the Al Arabiya news network based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, President Obama buried the lead: The war on terror is over.

Yes, the with-us-or-against-us global struggle — the so-called Long War — in which a freedom-loving West confronts the undifferentiated forces of darkness comprising everything from Al Qaeda to elements of the Palestinian national struggle under the banner of “Islamofascism” has been terminated.

What’s left is what matters: defeating terrorist organizations. That’s not a war. It’s a strategic challenge.

The new president’s abandonment of post-9/11 Bush doctrine is a critical breakthrough. It resolves nothing but opens the way for a rapprochement with a Muslim world long cast into the “against-us” camp. Nothing good in Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan or Iran could happen with that Manichean chasm.
Now that the GOP has lost its domestic moorings as the party of anti-Black backlash, comes the double-whammy of having its favorite external bogeyman snatched from the domain of the consensus hallucination. With no more islamo-fascist bogeymen to scare innocent tow-headed children at night - who will the base turn its attentions to in order to feed and satisfy its primal fear and loathing addiction?


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