Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Trinity of Hell - A Kneegrow Said It

Today I encountered a completely new milestone in my continuing examination of the rorschachian reflections of the collective American psyche evoked by Baraka Obama's presidential candidacy. Rush Limbaugh has been working for some time to push the envelope of permissible, racialized political speech related to the Obama candidacy via proxy. Here to date, he's done this by having his engineer Mr. Snerdley function as his official Obama spokesman. Snerdley has been all too glad to clown for Limbaugh. Today however, Limbaugh took his racialized political strategery to levels never previously experienced by providing a national broadcast showcase for commentary by the exceedingly idiosyncratic James David Manning. Without further ado - the first installment of A Kneegrow Said It. Given the course of the campaign for the presidency, I expect many more such exploratory probes of what's permissible in the American political mainstream;