Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chicago Joins the $4.00 Gas Club

My children and I love to play a driving game called "yellow car, lucky day" - I'm sure some of you know it. The goal is to be first to spot and tally up the largest number of yellow motor vehicles. Yellow tractors but not lawnmowers count a half point, purple cars count two points, but they have to be truly purple not oxblood colored, or whatever that ugly deep reddish brownish color sometimes passing itself off as purple is called.

Anyway, I thought we could start our own blogospheric version of the game except the object would be to spot $4.00/gallon gasoline for sale in a locality near you. We'll call this the $4.00 Gas Club. Send a picture with details to

Now don't cheat and use and please do send a photo or a link to a photo of the offending purveyor on flicker or other web photo archiving site. Who knows, the $4.00 (and soon $5.00) Gas Club could have stronger legs than the "A Kneegrow Said It" club. Oh yeah, given what I expect to see coming down the political pike, the "A Kneegrow Said It" blogpost category gets its very own contest too. The only rule there is that offending submissions have to have been spotlighted on a mainstream media outlet and used as a sockpuppet proxy for what the showcasing pundit would have loved to say themselves, but can't, and so exploits a willing and expendable proxy. Doubtless James David Manning will be in high demand after his moment of infamy on Limbaugh's boradcast yesterday.