Friday, May 16, 2008

Project Holocaust

R.K. Moore is a good guy and an interesting thinker whose online musings I've monitored for some years now. Some years ago, for a couple months, I carried on a brief topical correspondence with Mr. Moore. In this article (which you should click to read in its entirety) he attempts a very large-scale orchestrated objective reduction of numerous dots he's connected relating to the food crises and their presentation in the media.
One of the things I’ve noticed about the mass media is that it carries only a few themes at a time. There’s always one main theme – a kind of hypnotic focus point – which right now is the US Democratic Primaries, and in the past has been anything from a hostage crisis to a celebrity murder trial. The main theme can be vacuous in content; it needs only to take up a lot of news airtime, and keep people glued to their sets. And then there are always a few secondary themes being carried as well, with interruptions from time to time for natural disasters.

The secondary themes are highly selective. World-shaking events are going on all the time that mainstream TV never mentions. Things like genocide in East Timor – which went on for decades invisibly, and then suddenly it was in our face just when an intervention required justification. That is to say, secondary themes are selected for a purpose. What they are telling us is less important than why we are being told. We can find the news itself much more reliably in other places, mostly online. When they bring a theme to our mainstream attention, that means it is important to them that we view that scenario in certain ways. In other words, they are preparing us for things to come, getting us to frame our thinking in such a way as to be able to accept what we might not otherwise accept.

“Well Mack the Finger said to Louie the King I got forty red white and blue shoe strings And a thousand telephones that don’t ring Do you know where I can get rid of these things And Louie the King said let me think for a minute son And he said yes I think it can be easily done Just take everything down to Highway 61.”
· Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited

Highway 61 is a rather direct allusion to Highway 66, which is the most famous cross-country US highway. That then leads to a somewhat more comprehensive allusion, to the Madison-Avenue empowered American mass media, which also goes from coast-to-coast, and which can sell anything at all to the masses – not only telephones that don’t ring, but wars that don’t make sense, buildings that collapse at free-fall speed, concentration camps, and torture. Why are they taking global famine down to Highway 61? Why has it become a media theme? What are they selling us this time?

I think it is very clear that we are being prepared for a massive global holocaust, and the evidence I have seen for this is now much stronger than it was five months ago. There are two kinds of evidence. One kind of evidence is about the hunger crisis itself, and the various conditions forcing that crisis. The other kind of evidence comes from the nature of the interventions that are being planned and announced, to alleviate the crisis.
I'm not sure about the extent to which we're being prepared, particularly as the intensity of the Greatest Depression begins to mount and become undeniable in the U.S.. However, there is a sinister logic to the notion that if an out-and-out holocaust is about to unfold in the planet's southern hemispheric countries, that at the very least, a massive great depression and concurrent set of privations would have to be underway in the developed world - if for no other reason than to maintain narrative consistency and the appearance of actual scarcity induced disruption.