Monday, May 26, 2008

Military Theoconservatism

The Yurica Report has done yoeman's work for several years detailing the extent to which dominionism has infiltrated and infected the U.S. armed services. This past week, there was a local story detailing what it can be like, on the ground.

An atheist soldier from Fort Riley says his higher-ups in Iraq didn’t like his non-Christian ways.

Army Spc. Jeremy Hall did two tours in Iraq, saw his share of fire and came back in one piece. Too bad he needs a bodyguard to keep his fellow soldiers from attacking him now that he's back in the States.[...]

Fort Riley command, worried that Hall was in danger of being attacked by one of the more fervent Christian soldiers, has sometimes assigned him a guard to accompany him on and off the base.

Hall's lawsuit doesn't ask for money. Eye says Hall's main goal is to prod the military to issue an order that forbids soldiers from discriminating or persecuting non-Christians. "You can't use someone's atheism or religious beliefs as a means to judge their performance. I don't for a moment anticipate the Christian dominionist faction is going to change their views because of that, but I would expect that the chain of command still means something."