Wednesday, April 30, 2008

While you were distracted.....,

by the media spectacle du jour - efforts to initiate a shooting war with Iran continued in earnest.

Justin Raimondo gives political backstory undergirding the likely next phase of escalation.
In a world where "benevolent global hegemony" is the goal of U.S. foreign policy, there is no right to self-defense; that, along with national sovereignty, has been abolished. Defiance is met with an implacable campaign for regime-change in the offending nation. By all indications, Iran is the next victim to be made an example of, sometime in mid-summer, or so the rumor goes.

We know where the presidential candidates stand on this issue. Hillary looks forward to the "obliteration" of Iran and takes up Charles Krauthammer's demand that we extend our nuclear shield over Tel Aviv just as we would do the same for, say, Toledo. Indeed, there are not a few who would argue that we would be fully justified in sacrificing the latter in order to save the former, and not all of them are to be found among Rev. Hagee's deluded flock. In any case, we know what the McCain-Hagee position is without even having to ask.

We also know where Obama stands on all or most of this: he advocates a policy of engagement with the Iranians, just as he has endorsed talking with South American caudillo Hugo Chavez, and for the same very sound reasons: because it's talk or fight. He clearly realizes waging perpetual war is hardly in our interests, even if we had the financial and military capacity to carry out such a crazed policy. Yet, if he's speaking out about this, at this crucial moment – when the chairman of the Joint Chiefs is practically declaring war on the Iranians – then I just can't hear him: he must not be speaking very loudly, or perhaps this gets lost amid all the soaring rhetoric about Change and Hope and A Better Tomorrow.
Nah Justin, it's a lot more prosaic than that. While the domestic economy crumbles and the foreign resource war grows, Baraka is caught up in a good old fashioned American coonshow pitting bad negros against responsible negros in a futile, staged struggle to placate implacable anti-negro sentiment. Good old-fashioned American comedy gold and a tried and true mechanism of domestic governance. ABC and Fox News, talk radio, and all the other proponents of Obamamandian anti-Americanism have succeeded beyond their wildest imaginings, or maybe not...., maybe in fact the calculus of distracting and managing the enfeebled memory, attention, and emotions of the herd has become so exacting, that there's really no guesswork involved any longer?


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