Friday, April 18, 2008

Busting the "Rev. Wrighting" Tactic

It's been a minute since I had an opportunity to showcase the interlocutory brilliance of Rachel Maddow. In no uncertain terms, she is the most gifted debater on the media mainstream today. She handles hypocritical and propagandist blowhards like a master cavaleira.

In this case, she does a tremendous job of pointing out the contrived nature of what is transpiring in the illusory choice-making process now passing itself off as a democrat party presidential primary...,

Bottomline - "Rev. Wright"
ing = "Swiftboat"ing - and it's an obvious and tired political propaganda tactic.

"We" need to begin calling it out whenever and wherever we see it in use - case in point - being the ABC presentation of Hellury and Baraka wednesday night that passed itself off as a debate.

Recall that ABC has the dubious distinction of having originated the "Rev. Wright" meme that has been seized upon by Faux News and its ideological bedfellows as a non-issue-related cornerstone of the partisan attack on candidate Baraka.


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