Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Psychological Import of An Attractive Black Candidate

Wherein we humbly yield the microphone to the mighty Submariner, promoted from always tasteful and classy oyster perpetual, to now honorary prince of the lost kingdom of Atlantis (that'd be Visioncircle LOL!!!).
As I've told my friend Temple3, there is a definite difference between pericarditis, angina, and a heart attack. If you or someone in authority could make a selection, then you would much rather not have a straight up heart attack. This is where we are.

I'm not one of the deluded who calls Barack a prophet. If anything he is a modern day King David. A lowly, goodhearted shepherd who uses superior guile and strategic alliances to usurp the throne.

Barack has a supple feel for power. No one can aspire to enter the political architecture without approval of the American Jewish lobby. That's a major reason why Pat Buchanan will never be down.

"Unless America figures out how to meritocratically embrace the attractions of an unimpeachable black candidate like Oprah Winfrey or Colin Powell, with all the requisite stateswoman/gangsta cred required to silence any and all detractors, AMERICA WILL FAIL!"

When Craig Nulan presciently averred this on 06 February 2005, Barack was a political neonate. Nulan captured what I've been clumsily articulating since Obama's ascendancy. If America has a minimal chance to be redeemed it will be done by black people.

As a physician I see miracles nearly everyday. Two weeks ago I witnessed a ninety-something year old have a cardiac arrest. We did CPR with her family at the bedside who decline having her intubated. We stopped resuscitation efforts after three minutes. She had a thready pulse and I told her son that that she was checking out. An hour later the lady was sitting up talking to her family saing her chest hurt, presumably from us doing CPR.

When you experience things like this nearly every week, like I do, you develop a certain optimism or faith. It is this hope, like that of the African in the bowels of a 18 Century slave ship, that sustains me.
Out of the comments and straight to the top. It just doesn't get any better than that on the Soul Conviction tip. As a matter of fact, I did, I did say something to the effect of what the good doctor brother Submariner referred to, the punchline for which was this;
Here's the rub. It's not about what an Oprah or a Colin might personally bring to the office, they're superstars without a doubt. Rather, it's about what the POTUS exemplifies about the collective American unconscious that matters here. Until and unless the American collective unconscious evolves considerably beyond its current state, it's simply not fit to imperially preside over the rest of the world in the manner Cobb describes here.
almost makes one nostalgic for the halcyon days of group political commentary....,


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