Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cornucopian Political and Economic Delusions

Over at Bookerrising blogspot, I just now saw the single most ignorant, preposterous and delusional comment I think I've ever seen online;
The new US geological survey of the Bakken reserve in North Dakota together with the technological advancements that allow for horizontal drilling, provided the anti-capitalist environmentalists (as opposed to true ecologists) don't stop the drilling, will increase known US reserves by a factor of almost 5, from 174 billion barrels of known economically recoverable barrels of oil, not including ANWR or outer continental shelf oil, to nearly 1 trillion barrels of economically recoverable oil, roughly equivalent to half of the proved reserves in Saudi Arabia.

There is no possibility of running out of oil in 500 years with economic growth projections double what we've experienced over the last 50 years.
This type of ludicrous nonsense underscores the dizzying challenge facing any politician confronted by the challenge of attempting to communicate the actual terror of the situation by which we are now faced. This commenter is quite clearly a denizen of an entirely different reality than the fact based version in which the rest of us are obliged to reside.


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