Thursday, May 18, 2023

$10 Million Kinzhal Missile Destroyed On Impact With $1.1 Billion Patriot Missile Defense System

simplicious  |  Kinzhal destroyed on contact with Patriot Launcher. Ukraine to request more Launchers.

1. Russia launches drones towards Patriot system in kiev

2. Patriot radar picks up swarm of drones approaching kiev

3. Patriot is activated and launches its full set of missiles (32)

4. Patriot radar activation gives away its exact location to Russian receptors

5. Russia launches Khinzal missile at the now exposed Patriot system

6. Boom!

The total cost of the Kinzhal strike on the Patriot system. About $158,000,000 for the missiles. A radar was clearly hit. And a launcher. That is not the entire system, of course. The cost of a Patriot system is 1.1 billion. 400,000,000 for the system. 690,000,000 for the missiles. How much damage did the Kinzhals do to the "system'. Probably $200,000,000 worth (conservative guess). So... total cost close to $400,000,000 -- IN JUST 2 MINUTES. A lot of money and the US is heading for a debt crisis. As I have argued, Putin calls the war with Ukraine an SMO because he reckons that the real war is beyond -- WWIII--hybrid military, economic, cultural. The longer Ukraine keeps on fighting in America's loincloth as we say here in Japan, the weaker America becomes with its balls in the wind.


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