Saturday, July 24, 2021

Who Believes The Military Simply Stopped After Retiring The SR-71?

quora | The first thing to realize is why the military needs to care about UFOs in the first place. It’s not because they have a bunch of Trekkies who to go Star Wars/Trek cons wearing Chewbacca suits. Nope. The reason is because of, Identification, friend or foe, that is supposed to tell us if an aircraft is friendly or not. If an aircraft-like object seems to be approaching a ship or some military asset and it doesn’t respond to IFF and it’s not transmitting FAA-required ADS-B information and it’s not anything we can quickly identify, then it’s automatically going to have a good chance of ending up an a UAP bin, unidentified aerial phenomenon. 

In other words, these could be artifacts that showed up, perhaps on radar, that we didn’t bother worry much about since they disappeared anyway. If you’ve ever taken a lot of data (and the US military has a lot of data-gathering capability) you’d probably realize that this sort of thing is to be inherently expected just because it’s needed for the safety of civilian aircraft. From this perspective, the Pentagon saying there are UAPs is a closer to a police officer on the side of a freeway saying he doesn’t know the make and model of all the cars driving down a busy highway at 70 MPH than them saying there are little green men in saucers flying abducting people.

The next thing I want to discuss is that the videos I saw after coming here to Quora to research the UFO headlines seem like the regular nothing burgers that have come from the UFO crowd for 50 years, just from a military source. Stuff looking like a kid’s drone. Perhaps a regular airplane, bird, or regular foreign aircraft without its transponder on. And these days many groups are experimenting with large-battery quadcopters. Their accelerations would indeed be higher than normal and not what is expected. Then there are the supersonic startups. See, e.g., Meet Boom XB-1, The First Independently Developed Supersonic Aircraft Four years after Boom revealed its plan to develop a new supersonic aircraft, the Colorado-based aviation company introduces its first demonstrator, XB-1.

Importantly, the “pentagon” videos are grainy and in black and white. It is well understood that fantastic claims should be backed by fantastically solid evidence. But these were taken in darkness, grainy, etc. Usual crap, but from an authoritative source. Keep in mind they military has some of the best optical equipment that exists. Not 144x144. Not 640x480. Not 1080p. Not 4k. More like 2+ gigapixel resolution cameras. And that news came out back in 2009:

Imagine what they have now. But, they give us grainy 640x480 BW!?! Hmmm.

Another point is that there are only so many frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. And, there are only so many exotic particles. Chances are, despite the advanced nature of alien communications, they would probably want to use something efficient, like radio waves, pulsed optical, etc. These are things we would be able to pick up. Perhaps we wouldn’t be able to decrypt them, but that’s another question. So, why would they release grainy videos if they really have smoking gun recordings of aliens speaking to each other or evidence of EM broadcasts? Either you are going to release the smoking gun or you are not and feel the public should not know. But, in the latter case why would you release anything at all since it will just get curious cats asking questions like this one here that I am answering about what you are trying to cover up? You wouldn’t.

Another point, getting back to IFF, if you review my post (sorry it is on a site that if I give the url here the answer will get deleted due to it allegedly being a spam answer) about the early days of the nuclear age, and, more specifically, the ICBM age, you’ll see that one clear goal in the 60s was total information awareness, especially with regards to aircraft and smaller missiles above a certain altitude. That means tracking almost all aircraft all the time. 

You can already see this for most aircraft just by going to Real-Time Flight Tracker Map, but I am saying the military has had that capability for everything that is big enough to carry an adult human. 

The question indirectly comes up when people debate the benefit of needing aircraft like the F-35 when we have such great ground to air missiles. (My answer here says we need humans to handle the friend or foe question, but I am not sure this is true.) Seeing all the kerfuffle over the alleged pentagon UFOs, how is it that people talking about UAPs seem to have forgotten about things related to the UAP/IFF problem, including mutually assured destruction, nuclear deterrence, Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI, aka “Star Wars”), the Cuban missile crisis, Norad tracking Santa, that many countries by now have or had nuclear weapons (see color below)?


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