Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Is Somebody Hiding A "Secret" Bad White Boi Who Could Bring White Supremacist Sexy Back?!?!?

medium |  I rage against all of you, white, Christian nationalists; against Republicans who think voter suppression is somehow good for America. I rage against anyone who thinks that talking about how our country’s 245 years of hating on Black people is somehow divisive.

Why wasn’t red-lining divisive? Why wasn’t segregation divisive? Why wasn’t Trump’s support for white nationalists divisive? Why aren’t the suppressive laws designed to prevent minorities from voting divisive? How can asking these questions be divisive?! How can you melt so readily, snowflake, when all we do is ask these questions?

I know how: because my fellow white brothers and sisters are weak. They are whiners and spoiled. They are sore losers. The Republican Party builds its power base on divisiveness and hate because it is a failed political movement. It is intellectually bankrupt offering absolutely zero for the solving of our most pressing problems.

Many of my more hateful white brothers and sisters are suffering economically; and, while Democrats try to, say, slow the concentration of wealth that causes debilitating income inequality, the Republicans obstruct them thus preventing any legislation, or programs, from passing that might actually help Main Street. Then, rather than blame their failed polices for the suffering of their constituents, policies which only benefit the super rich, they say things like “racism against white Americans” is the cause. They blame critical race theory, which really no one but Fox, and the dumbest of the dumb in the Republican Party, is talking about.

I am raging. I rage against ignorance and my fellow white brothers and sisters who choose hate over love. No Black person is taking your job. Your refusal to think makes you feel they are. You insistence on voting for Republicans makes you think they are. If you dared to challenge the lies of the Republicans, of Fox News, you would see that what you suffer from is not related to race. It is related to class.

The problem is, they have you so perfectly worked up into a hateful froth that you are blinded. You are destroying us. You are embarrassing the rest of us white folks.

Turn off your Fox News and dare to think for yourselves white people before evolution decides we are not needed and made obsolete.


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