Sunday, July 25, 2021

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kctv5 |  On Thursday, the FBI confirmed investigators returned to a Grain Valley home off Buckner Tarsney Road where officers discovered the remains of 32-year-old Kensie Renee Aubry last week.  

According to court records a separate child sex crimes investigation into the property owner, Michael Hendricks, and his girlfriend Maggie Ybarra brought investigators to the property to search for a body last week. Both Hendricks and Ybarra are accused of molesting a teen girl. During that investigation, the teen told investigators she believed a woman’s body could be found on Hendricks’ property because she was shown photos. She says they described how the woman was killed.

Investigators have not said what they were searching for Thursday or why they returned this week. During their search at the property last Wednesday, they discovered Aubry’s remains. She was reported missing in October of last year from Independence, Mo. “It’s disturbing to know all that was happening right behind us,” one neighbor said. “We’ve had kids out here swimming and playing in the pool.”

kansascity |  It seemed more like the plot of a horror movie than a true account of a night at a Kansas City-area bar.

Two sisters claimed in a lawsuit that bouncers refused to let them leave, battered them and handcuffed them to a wall — all because the bouncers wrongly thought the women had used a counterfeit $50 bill.

Nick Hinrichs, an attorney representing the women, told The Star on Tuesday that his clients had reached a $1 million settlement against the bouncers and the owner of the bar. Missouri Lawyers Weekly first reported on the settlement.

Examiner |  Grain Valley police don’t suspect foul play but aren’t ruling it out yet in the death of an Oak Grove woman whose body was found Saturday in Grain Valley.

Amber Jo Bradley-Couch, 28, of Oak Grove was found dead Saturday in Grain Valley by a man out walking his dog about 4:35 p.m. She had been missing since Jan. 19 and had been last seen at the Whiskey Tango bar in Grain Valley.

She was not reported missing until Feb. 6. It was first reported by police that her 1997 green two-door Chevrolet Cavalier was found in late February in Blue Springs, but Grain Valley Police Chief Aaron Ambrose said that car was not related to the incident.

Ambrose said Bradley-Couch was found not far from Whiskey Tango and it didn’t appear that foul play was involved.

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