Sunday, October 18, 2020

Contrary To The Mainstream Media Narrative 93% Of Black Lives Matter Protests Have Been Peaceful

Black Lives Matter has no concrete specific policy, statutory, or legislative agenda - which is how you know it's a symbolic "stir the pot" and "get out the black vote" initiative. (as if you didn't gather as much from the fact that it's a Warren Buffett production)

The problem with this is that the MSM and social media have amplified the already popular and political cultural influence of selected "woke" sock puppets who have leveraged the disproportionate social, cultural and political capital of American negroes and applied this appropriated clout the exceedingly pedestrian objective of re-aquiring partisan control of the presidency, period. (and that control won't be used to satisfy any concrete-specific political-economic priorities or needs of Black Americans.

Once it was known that Negroes boycotted the 2016 election, the obvious marketing strategy became to create racial appeals that boosted the Democrat’s ‘brand’ and diminished their competitor’s. In fact, leading Democratic strategists who had spent storied careers crafting cynical dog whistle campaigns, began shouting racist! to shut down any challenge to their campaign.

By election eve 2016, Clinton campaign officials had decided on the ‘Russia stole the election’ storyline. Additionally, Democratic strategists were most certainly aware that blacks stayed home en masse in 2016. This made Donald Trump, with his nativist chatter and typical Republican deference to repressive authority, the perfect foil to retroactively portray the election as about race and foreign intrigue. 

When the Democratic-leaning press began (falsely) reporting on rising hate and racial backlash, and the CEOs of large banks and tech companies began stating publicly that white supremacy is the only problem in need of solving, the havoc that neoliberal policies have wrought quickly disappeared as a topic of polite conversation.

This elite pot-stirring and color-revolution antic is an exceedingly dangerous gambit. Since it wasn't done for Black people in America, but was instead something done to Black people in America - I gots to say the nayno...,

Right-wingers come from somewhere other than thin air. There’s at least a germ of truth in their beliefs. Fortunately, the rest of their beliefs are so abhorrent they’re dismissed out of hand. Nevertheless, I believe the day of another European holocaust, ethnic cleansing in the parlance of the day, has moved a step closer with this weeks display of barbarism in France. Cutting off a single French head doesn't really hold a candle to the pain and suffering and self-serving pot-stirring implemented this year in the U.S.  Does this sound familiar?

For a start, this is a murder that has nothing to do with immigration from the Maghreb, unemployment, discrimination, neo-colonialism or anything similar. The assailant was white, and came from a refugee family that had been settled in France, looked after and educated. The town where it happened, Conflans Sainte-Honorine, is a quiet, dull, middle-class community about thirty-five kilometres west of Paris at the end of the high-speed Metro. (I passed through there once: it was closed). “Nothing ever happens here” said one shocked resident this morning. The killer was not a native of the town, but travelled there to do the killing. Moreover, this is one of a series of murders since 2015 – the body count is nearly 300 – carried out for explicitly political and religious reasons by radicalised young men, who believe, as do a significant proportion of French Muslims, that the Koran takes precedence over any secular laws. Thus, laws conflicting with Islam must not be obeyed, but equally it is the responsibility of all Muslims to punish anyone who violates the injunctions of the Koran. hence the present killing. This would be problematic in any modern state, but especially so in France, with its history of bitter struggle against the Church to establish a secular republic.

The problem has been building in schools for decades now, but has been ignored by successive governments, worried about upsetting the professional anti-racist lobby. Teachers have been threatened and physically attacked for giving lessons on secularism, for teaching the theory of Evolution or discussing non-Islamic religions. Militant parents, egged-on by fundamentalist Imams mostly sent from Qatar, have pressured schools to stop serving pork, or to excuse their daughters from mixed swimming classes or class photographs where non-muslim pupils are not veiled. Little by little, such tactics have undermined the educational system, as local mayors, always in search of votes, have made accommodations with local religious leaders. (Ironically, French schools only went co-educational in 1969, after generations of bitter opposition from the Church). This horrific incident at last seems to have brought home to French elites that uncontrolled immigration has produced communities in the country which do not believe that they have to obey the law, and consider themselves justified in using violence to enforce their religious principles. Macron seemed genuinely shocked when he spoke yesterday . Of course doing something about it is another matter.

Finally, the fact that the victim was a teacher doing his job has stunned people. Partly this is because so many French people are parents of school-age children or have a teacher in the family. But partly also the teacher is a traditional mythic figure of Republican Virtue, a kind of secular priest promoting the virtues of equality and secularism. Not for nothing were teachers known as “the hussars of the Republic”, and the bitter opposition between the local priest and the schoolteacher was a feature of French life until quite recently. As a number of politicians have said, to strike at a teacher is to strike at the very foundation of secular and republican French values. Unlike many countries who witter on about “values” the French do actually have them written down and seek to adhere to them: hence the shock and dismay.