Tuesday, September 27, 2016

missing ingredient to solving the refugee crisis: Common Sense

mishtalk |  UK prime minister Theresa May will address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. She seeks UN Action to Control Mass Migration Flows.

In contrast, I propose a 10-point “common sense” solution, not UN action.

What the hell can the UN do?

The answer of course is nothing. And asking a political body that cannot possibly do anything useful to solve a problem is like hoping a wish-granting magic genie will pop out of the bottle.

Some readers may be thinking “stop criticizing and offer a solution”. Fair enough.

Mish Ten Point Refugee Plan
  1. Don’t start wars. This especially applies to the US.
  2. Don’t nation build. This especially applies to the US.
  3. Don’t interfere in the internal politics of other nations. Universal
  4. Don’t welcome refugees with open arms. This especially applies to the EU
  5. Don’t pay bribes to halt refugee flows. This especially applies to the EU.
  6. Don’t demand other countries accept refugees they do not want. This especially applies to the EU.
  7. Don’t criticize other countries for controlling their borders. This especially applies to the EU.
  8. Do recognize the difference between economic refugees and political refugees. Universal
  9. Do be willing to accept Australian-style solutions of forcibly stopping refugees from entering a country. Universal
  10. Do Recognize a nation’s first priority must be the safety and welfare of its own citizens. Universal
If point 6 had been followed, Brexit would never have happened.

Instead of seeking UN action, how about a little common sense?