Monday, February 29, 2016

the new middle ages...,

sunweber |  The Middle Ages have been given somewhat of a bad rap. Yes, there was little buffer from year to year for the bulk of humanity against hunger and famine. Medicine was primitive and poorly conceived. Hygiene was not understood. And yes, there were the rich that controlled and took from the poor. Most of humanity worked very hard to make daily living work. 

However, let me suggest that this future without fossil fuels may not be significantly different from present once we work through the inevitable losses and grieving. In an Excel spread sheet I created in 2000 looking at the per capita use by country of petroleum, natural gas and electricity, some 75 to 80 per cent of the population had very little use of fossil fuels. Many people today work hand to mouth and lived on the edge with hunger, low energy accessibility, poor water resources and fragile shelter.

What is in process is the great leveling of globalization. Many of us will be joining the peasant class.
Through history there seems to be a distribution of wealth and privilege that looks something like:
  1. 0.1% Dynastic Oligarchs
  2. 1% Administrators (in today’s world - CEOs, Presidents, Fed chairman, etc.)
  3. 10 to 15% Functionary Workers (this would be most who are reading this now)
  4. 80 to 90% Peasants (Wage Slaves in debt-bondage)
Today is no different. As I indicated globalization is the new leveling and pathway to peasanthood given the peaking and ultimate depletion of fossil fuels and other resources.