Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Granny Goodness stressed her committment to israel..,

CNN |  Hillary Clinton backed the Obama administration's Iran nuclear deal during a speech in Washington on Wednesday, but did so by taking a cautious tone she defined as "distrust and verify."

Clinton said the Iran deal -- which has drawn fierce opposition from Republicans and some Democrats -- is not a step toward normalizing relations with Iran, and she devoted a large portion of her speech at the Brookings Institution to speaking about the need to protect Israel.

Speaking directly to Iran, Clinton said, "The United States will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon," adding that she "will not hesitate to take military action if Iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon."

The former secretary of state reiterated that she supported the deal because it is a critical part "of a larger strategy toward Iran."

"My approach will be distrust and verify," Clinton said. "We should anticipate that Iran will test the next president."

"That won't work if I am in the White House," Clinton added.