Monday, February 01, 2016

po, po, Granny....,

dailycaller |  California Rep. Darrell Issa said Friday that the FBI “would like to indict both Huma [Abedin] and Hillary Clinton” for conducting classified government business on a private email server.

The Washington Examiner reports that Issa, the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said FBI Director James Comey is “in a position where he’s being forced to triple-time make a case of what would otherwise be, what they call, a slam dunk.”

Abedin has been a long time Clinton confidant and top aid both during Secretary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, as well as on the 2016 Campaign.

“You can’t have 1,300 highly sensitive emails that contain highly sensitive material that’s taken all, or in part from classified documents, and have it be an accident,” Issa explained.

“There’s no question, she knew she had a responsibility and she circumvented it. And she circumvented it a second time when she knowingly let highly-classified material get onto emails in an unclassified format,” Issa said.