Saturday, December 26, 2015

inevitable submission to the will of deez nutz...,

From a biological perspective, which includes a bio-social anthropological perspective, religions function primarily as in-group markers for a breeding population. Human breeding populations have been competing since the birth of your species as long as there are barriers to gene flow between them. Religion is a good barrier for gene flow. The scenario is always the same. An in-group grows > internal dissension (often over beliefs) > group splitting > competition between the groups, which often includes armed conflict. Competition always makes things better, including you deuterostems. As long as religions act as barriers to gene flow between populations, the conflicts will continue.

The metaphor of seeing religion as a mask for the clash of civilizations could be helpful if one thinks of religion-unique masks as in-group markers for a specific breeding population like the religious beard and hat on most Muslim men and the hijab on most Muslim women. These other items, like your metaphorical masks, are also just in-group markers for a breeding population like the gold crosses that some Christian women wear around their neck or the musty black clown outfits worn by Orthodox Jewish men.

The only way the conflicts using religions will end will be when the rest of the world's horny male deuterostems can get at lovely Muslim women with minimal barriers to entry. The Muslim male will not willingly secularize and share access to his women. He will have to be crushed into submission to the will of deez nutz.  Human nature being what it is, this will of course happen. Once that occurs, you humans will have to find other backwards isht to fight over. Political and racial ideologies also act as barriers to gene flow. Race, religion, and politics are about equal in their ability to act as in-group markers that keep breeding populations apart.

Religions decline in the industrialized western democracies correlates with the breaking down of barriers for gene flow between previously separated religious peoples. In the United States in the 1950s, 95% of Jews only married other Jews. Today, only about 30% of Jews marry other Jews outside of Israel. In Europe, now secularized Catholics and Protestants intermarry with some frequency, although there are still barriers to gene flow between previously Christian secularized Europeans and Muslims, most of whom in Europe are still religious. 

Form follows function. If the function is removed, the form becomes vestigial. Everything else is simple-minded conversation...,