Wednesday, December 02, 2015

chiraq to the potomac - ubiquitous necropolitical rottenness to the core open thread

The essence of the claim in the Laqan McDonald case is that there was an attempt to cover up the matter. Everybody knows there was a $5 million settlement in April -- it was front page news. Nobody seems to know that, immediately after the settlement, the case was handed over to the FBI, which has been actively investigating from the time of the settlement. How the locals cover up a case in the hands of the feds is a mystery to me.

Instead of the Hon.Bro.Preznit's Justice Dept running an investigation - how about we ask Canada's Justice Dept to do the investigating? Hizzoner is Obamamandius' friend and former Chief of Staff - and that's more than a little conflict of interest, it's more like a person investigating wrong doing by their good buddy.

It is conspicuously obvious to the casual observer that the allegations of cover-up are true with respect to Rahm Emanuel and his re-election bid. That being the case, the Hon.Bro.Preznit Obama should have no remaining loyalty to the man who was his first chief of staff. The Preznit needs to call Prime Minister Trudeau and request Canadian Justice ministry intervention to investigate and prosecute.

Rahm Emanuel has been in in full panic-to-appease mode, jettisoning a chief of police who no longer suits. Clown puh-leez..., a new chief, with nothing else, will not fix Chicago's police problem.

FBI Chief Comey, in a speech he gave in Chiraq, said something we know to be the bogus "Ferguson effect." What is curious about that interlude, is that it was about how Chiraqi overseers' fear of being video taped is what is causing the murder rate to go up in the city. Why would Chiraq cops feed Comey that line? Toronto needs to investigate that as well.

This is bigger than any local, state, or compromised federal Justice Department should handle. Given the relationships between the White House and the subjects of investigation, an objectively independent prosecutor would be best. Mr. Preznit, Loretta Lynch is not up to the task, you better call Tyrone....,