Thursday, December 03, 2015

chiraq to the potomac already a wrap...,

Hizzoner took his hamfisted lying directly from the Clinton family political playbook.

He denounced the shooting but claimed he had not seen the video, then he fought to keep the video from being released to the public.

Those three facts don't add up.

The conspicuously obvious to the casual observer truth is, he DID see the video a year ago, he realized it meant the end of his re-election bid, he THEN fought to keep it hidden. When a journalist and a judge upset those plans, Hizzoner sacrificed the police superintendent and sought to position himself as an advocate for transparency.

His administration paid five million dollars in hush money before a wrongful death lawsuit had even been filed.

I see in this episode everything he has learned from the Clintons…lying, obscuring, and eventually trying to reframe the debate.

This piece of chit will not, however, cease to be the mayor of Chiraq. In a world in which the rule of law actually functions as it's supposed to, he would face a federal indictment for obstruction of justice in connection with a civil rights violation.

Anita Alvarez, Cook County prosecutor, gotta go immediately. This heiffer sat on her direct knowledge of a murder of a teenager on her watch by a policeman for 13 months, all for the sake of her and Hizzoner's political gain.  In addition, despite her knowledge, she allowed the murderer to remain in uniform until he was charged.

Also, as late as November 24, 2015 she was still insisting that there was nothing untoward about the erasure of 86 minutes of tape at Burger King, which showed Mr. McDonald immediately before he was murdered. This despite the fact that the Burger King manager had reported the erasure "earlier this year" after 3 policemen asked for and received permission to review the video the night of the shooting.

The Supreme Court of Illinois has plenary jurisdiction over the practice of law in Illinois.

Based on what is in the public record about Alvarez's actions and inaction the Court should suspend her license to practice law pending a formal disciplinary proceeding.

In a world in which the rule of law actually functions, this would already be a work in progress. That's not gonna happen either, and here's why.

1. Hizzoner was just reelected to a four year term in 2015.

2. Mayoral elections are in off-years and have historically low turnout.

3. The Shakman decrees notwithstanding, the City of Chicago and Cook County have large numbers of public employees, who, with their families, vote loyally for the Machine. Add the precinct captains and other party workers to that and you have an almost insurmountable head start in any election.

The system is utterly rigged. Accountability is non-existent. Do you think the US Attorney is going to investigate President Obama's first chief of staff? Or that Lisa Madigan, the Attorney General and daughter of the most powerful politician in the state, is going to mount a credible investigation against the mayor?

Particularly with Granny Goodness running for POTUS right now and the Machine being heavily depended upon to help deliver Illinois to the party of Apokalips.

Here end our practical understandings of the limitations of the Rule of Law, the machinic workings of party politics, and the truth of what's going to happen in Chiraq over the next several weeks and months. A veritable microcosm of Uhmurkah indeed...,