Monday, November 09, 2015

justice, nature, escape...,

afurtherrecord |  MR. O. Let us return to the question of justice. It is interesting for language. What is justice?
Q. Something that is fair to two people.
MR. O. Who would be fair? As conditional arrangement it can be understood. As a general thing, it is fantastic. You forget that organic life is based on murder. One thing eats another: cats and rats. What is justice among cats and rats? This is life. It is nothing very beautiful. So where is justice?
Q. Why do people think that nature is beautiful if this is how it works?
MR. O. What is beautiful? What you like.
Q. How can God be love if He created nature like this?
MR. O. For a certain purpose. Besides, what do you call nature? Earthquake is also nature. But for the moment we apply the term 'nature' to organic life. Evidently it was created like that because there was no other means. How can we ask why? It was made so. If we don't like it, we can study methods to run away. This is the only possibility. Only we must not try to imagine that it is very beautiful. We must not pretend that facts are different from what they are.
Q. Are you going to put man on the same footing as the rest of organic life?
MR. O. There is no difference, only other units are fully developed, and man is only half developed.
Q. Man can be beyond the law of murder?
MR. O. He has the possibility of escape.
Q. What are ways of escape from murder?
MR. O. Man is under 192 laws. He must escape from some of them.
Q. You said that men are responsible for what they did, and animals not?
MR. O. Men 1, 2 and 3 are less responsible; men No. 4, and so on, are more responsible; responsibility grows.
Q. What means responsibility?
MR. O. First, an animal has nothing to lose, but man has. Second, man has to pay for every mistake he makes, if he has started to grow.
Q. That implies justice.
MR. O. No, nobody would call it justice if you had to pay for your mistakes.
Q. Does not justice mean to get what we deserve?
MR. O. Most people think it is getting what we want and not what we deserve. Justice must mean some co-ordination between actions and results of actions. This certainly does not exist, and cannot exist, under the Law of Accident. When we know the chief laws, we understand that we live in a very bad place, a really bad place. But, as we cannot be in any other, we must see what we can do here. Only, we must not imagine that things are better than they are.
Q. Things will remain as they are unless everyone is conscious?
MR. O. Things will remain as they are, but one can escape. It needs much knowledge to know what can be escaped and what cannot. But the first lesson we must learn, the first thing that prevents us from escaping is that we don't even realize the necessity to know our position. Who knows it, is already in a better position.