Thursday, November 05, 2015

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independent |  The rise of 'chemsex' - sex under the influence of illegal drugs - is putting people at risk of HIV and other STIs, health experts have warned.

People who are taking GHB, GBL and crystal meth to enhance sexual pleasure and reduce inhibitions are jeopardising their both sexual and mental health, a study found.

Its growing popularity, particularly among gay men, has led doctors to warn that HIV rates and sexually-transmitted diseases cases are rising rapidly. 

Sex during the illegal drug-fuelled sessions is often unprotected - with those having chemsex reporting an average five sexual partners per session, according to the British Medical Journal. 

'These drugs are often used in combination to facilitate sexual sessions lasting several hours or days with multiple sexual partners,' it reported.

'Mephedrone and crystal meth are physiological stimulants, increasing heart rate and blood pressure, as well as triggering euphoria and sexual arousal.

'GHB (and its precursor GBL) is a powerful psychological disinhibitor and also a mild anaesthetic.'

The experts said the increase in chemsex was also putting people at risk of serious mental health problems caused by drug dependencies.>The authors of the report said there were many barriers for people who want to get help, including the shame and stigma often associated with drug use and ignorance of available drug services.

Some services are now developing specific chemsex and 'party drug' clinics, with specialist mental health support and help for withdrawing from the drugs.

But they warned that users often describe 'losing days' - not sleeping or eating for up to 72 hours - which 'may harm their general health'.