Saturday, October 10, 2015

or else what?

justiceorelse |  The Demand
  • WE want Justice for Blacks in America who have given America 460 years of sweat and blood to make her rich and powerful.
  • We want an immediate end to police brutality and mob attacks.
  • WE want Justice for the Native American Indians.
  • We want Justice for the Mexican and Latinos.
  • We want Justice for Women.
  • We want Justice for the Poor.
  • We want Justice for the Incarcerated.
  • We want Justice for Veterans.
  • We want Land
Justice or Else!
The longer justice is denied the more intense will be the cry. The anger that is in the breast of the people will continue and as the pain continues to intensify, if our cry for justice is not heard soon, then these demonstrations and protests in cities across the country and the world will produce a tsunami the results of which will bring about total chaos and destruction on all sides.