Wednesday, October 07, 2015

open thread - do my "smart" frog friends feel the west coast pot getting hot yet?

As population increases, while resources (and the associated wealth) decreases, and more people struggle to simply survive, social "niceties" are bound to diminish. In northern California and southern Oregon, there are more and more "transients"/ homeless people... with no investment in what is clearly falling apart, yet interestingly, with an inflated Californian sense of entitlement.

Overseers in every municipality are being put to the test to maintain civility. City councils are passing severe ordinances which prohibit camping, sitting on sidewalks, curbs or the ground, no loitering, no panhandling etc. The Mount Shasta situation has been exasperated given two years with no snow, so what was once a very inhospitable winter climate just a few years ago, now affords year round camping and hanging outdoors.
The mass shootings are a symptom of "overshoot". You humans have gone over the plateau and are on the down edge of collapse.  Meanwhile, down in So-Cal

At Myra Marquez’s house, she checks the gauge on her 2500 gallon water tank before she touches a faucet. The tank gets filled every Monday.

Rationing 2000 gallons over five or six days is tough.

"It’s hard,” she said.

It takes $38 million dollars from the state’s Emergency Drought Relief Program to pay for the town’s drinking water and fill residents’ water tanks. (1700 residents)

Isn't anyone else surprised or annoyed that a household in Central California can't make it on 2500 gallons of H2O each week?

Isn't anyone else incredulous that California is paying $38,000,000 to truck water to just 1700 folks?

That's over $22,000 for each person!
Who's organizing that water drive, the Pentagon? That's $88,000 for a family of four. California could drill a $30,000 well for each family and save a bundle.

I hear there are plenty of idle drilling rigs in Texas... But, is there any water left?

Who was it that said, "Are humans smarter than yeast?"

Collapse is taking a whole lot longer than I thought it would - which is good - because in the intervening decade, my children have achieved young adulthood and waxed very strong - while I've been afforded an opportunity to carefully observe and study what you do under such self-inflicted, mass, stress conditions.