Thursday, February 12, 2015

rule of law: using fbi muscle for a canadian company is _____?

Globe and Mail | Unexpected visitors have been dropping in on anti-oil activists in the United States — knocking on doors, calling, texting, contacting family members.
The visitors are federal agents.
Opponents of Canadian oil say they’ve been contacted by FBI investigators in several states following their involvement in protests that delayed northbound shipments of equipment to Canada’s oilsands.
A lawyer working with the protesters says he’s personally aware of a dozen people having been contacted in the northwestern U.S. and says the actual number is probably higher.
Larry Hildes says it’s been happening the last few months in Washington State, Oregon and Idaho. He says one person got a visit at work, after having already refused to answer questions.
“They appear to be interested in actions around the tarsands and the Keystone XL pipeline,” Hildes said in an interview.
“It’s always the same line: ‘We’re not doing criminal investigations, you’re not accused of any crime. But we’re trying to learn more about the movement.“’
He’s advised activists not to talk — and they mostly haven’t. That lack of communication has made it a little complicated to figure out what, exactly, the FBI is looking for.
The bureau hasn’t offered too many clues.


BigDonOne said...

Proper way to treat those who flee from cops.... (Hispanic perp in Pasco, WA, was WTF throwing rocks at cars)

Dale Asberry said...

Sounds like I might be able to get my big data hustle on with this...

CNu said...

Is what I'm talking about! Somebody fitna get hella paid to help the popo truly focus on the psychos - might as well be you!

CNu said...

lol, there's a reason the DOJ/FBI spends more time here than I do...,

arnach said...

I believe this is the second time you've written that. Can you provide details without compromising methods or the ability to continue doing same in the future?

rohan said...

Dawn, do you IQ-68 L00Z3RS have a hard time understanding what a topic is, or do you just drive-by with whatever random racist stupidity Alex Jones, WND, or SBPDL has dumped into your pointy little head today?

CNu said...

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]Mr. Comey is expected to say that much research shows that people in a society with a majority of whites unconsciously react differently to blacks.[/quote]


Brother CNu - As I listen to various "Black (Progressive) Voices" in the media I am lead to believe THAT THEY BELIEVE that "The White Police Man" is the greatest source of INJUSTICE AND OPPRESSION within the Black community in 2015.

Then I go off and make my own inferences:

* Talking to Black people who live in "Mission Accomplished Zones"

* Talking to 'Black Flight Progressives" who have moved out of "M.A.Zs"

* Watching the local news reports (Metro Atlanta) about who is killing/assaulting whom

* Watch the "Criminal Justice" officials (Police chiefs, D.As, Judges, Sheriffs/Jailers) and the popular vote that they won to get into power

* AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - Listen to "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" and read the "Mentholated Black Media Pressgang" news papers...............

In my view the most POWERFUL source to rebuttal to their FAKE NARRATIVE which molests the PROPORATIONALITY of these threats to serve their goal of DISARMAMENT and IDEOLOGICAL COLONIZATION is the ubiquitous "Black Woman Seen Crying On The Television News - After Suffering A Grave Personal Loss At The Hands Of A Street Pirate".

A "Street Pirate" is a "Would Be Pillar Of The Community - that was allowed to fester into the primary attacker of his own community because THE ADULTS were lulled into believing that some other RECEPTACLE OF THEIR TIME is of more value than the time spent providing direct STEWARDSHIP over the human resources that GOD granted to them so that they might replicate and flourish.

Dale Asberry said...

Dude. Seriously. NO NEED TO YELL.