Sunday, September 23, 2012

the drums of war

market-ticker | I've received a few lovely pieces of "hate email" over my missives of late related to Muslim extremists and our foreign policy.

Perhaps we should take this morning and reflect a bit on where we are, where we're headed in this regard, and why the policies and positions taken by our current administration, along with the ham-handed garbage coming from the Romney campaign, are so dangerous both to us and on a global scale.

I presume that we all know that we were "sponsors" of the "Arab Spring", right?  After years of funding and protecting the murderous bastard Hosni Mubarak we suddenly "decided" that we'd go along with a civilian uprising protesting (and reasonably so!) his behavior.

Ordinarily this would be an easy sale; after all, freedom is a good thing, right?

There's only one problem -- we had been funding and arming this thug for decades.  When the crowd got a bit rowdy, as a consequence, the tear gas cannisters that started flying had Made In The USA emblazoned on their sides.  This didn't do anything for our international standing among these people, as you might imagine.

Mubarak, for his part, didn't exactly go quietly.  And who would blame him?  Up-armed and up-armored with American funds he used them -- on his own people.  It was illegal for civilians to own a rifle in Egypt, but pistols were lawful.  Soon rifle shots could be heard into the crowd; they were coming from the police shooting from the roofs, not the citizens.

Eventually Mubarak left, but not before the people basically shut down the country.

What wasn't paid attention to was where the tinder came from to get the fire burning nice and hot -- our own Fed and monetary policy were largely responsible by nearly doubling the cost of food commodities in a land linked to our dollar.

Hungry people are pretty easy to gin up into a riotous mob.

You might have thought these pressures had decreased and improved over the last year and change.  You'd be wrong.  Over the last week or so an emboldened Taliban and Al-Qaeda decided to "commemorate" the terrorist acts of 9/11 with a bit of trouble over in the Middle East and Afghanistan, what has been come to be known as "The Suck."  You've probably all heard of the sackings of our diplomatic missions in various countries around the Middle East, including the forcible sodomy and murder of one of our ambassadors.  But you may have not heard much about an audacious raid on a NATO base in Southern Afghanistan.

We killed the attackers in the latter case, but not before they damaged or destroyed eight Harriers, causing $200 million in damage to material and killing two marines.  This was a sophisticated assault, not the act of a "riotous mob."  Likewise, the attacks in Libya and elsewhere showed evidence of significant planning, command and control.  None of these assaults were simple acts of an angry mob of people*****ed off about some video; these were military operations taken against United States soil, men and material and they were coordinated by the parties undertaking them.


CNu said...

First Ghaddafi, now the U.S. Ambassador? What is with this "probing business in Libya"?

makheru bradley said...

As regards that probing, don't allow youself to be captured alive. One would think that a US ambassador killed under such conditions would have been given a state funeral. Has he been denied that honor due to Obama 2012 and Clinton 2016?

makheru bradley said...

How strange that Ambassador Stevens died, then disappeared.

CNu said...

lol, a veritable rogues gallery of state dept. and military freebooters - ain't a dayyum thang changed since the overthrow of Mossadegh

makheru bradley said...

These pictures from the consulate in Benghazi suggest that there could have been some violent buggery in the ambassador's quarters.

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