Thursday, September 27, 2012

did the u.s. envoy stay seated for ahmadinejad's u.n. speech?

veteransnewsnow | Iranian President Ahmadinejad alluded to what he sees as Israel’s illegitimate nuclear arsenal, and criticized members who haven’t stopped Israel from acquiring it:

“Some members of the Security Council with veto rights have chosen silence with regard to the nuclear warheads of a fake regime, while at the same time impeding…the scientific progress of other nations.”

He also bore down on those who have revolted at Holocaust revisionism. He did this by calling attention to those who “infringe upon other’s freedom and allow sacrilege to people’s beliefs and sanctities, while they criticize posing questions or investigating into historical issues.”

Throughout all of this, the U.S. envoy remained seated.

Outside the hall where Ahmadinejad was speaking, the Israeli envoy referred to Ahmadinejad as, “the leader of an outlaw country that is a serial violator of the fundamental principles of the rule of law.” He added, “It is a shame and a disgrace to give someone like him the opportunity to speak on such an important topic.”

The fact that nobody walked out on Ahmadinejad has sent a clear message to Netanyahu that the days when Israel could demand other nations send their children to war with Israel’s enemies are numbered. 

Netanyahu has played gambit after gambit after gambit and finds himself checkmated. Nuclear threat didn’t play after the Iraq debacle. Red lines did not work. Tinkering with the US election did not work. AIPAC did not work.

Netanyahu must be feeling checkmated right about now, leaving his only remaining play as “knee to corner of board”, i.e. a false-flag attack. Except of course, that is what everyone is expecting Netanyahu to be considering right now, which means it is a risky gambit not likely to reverse Israel’s situation.

Netanyahu must be throwing a tantrum right about now, He grew up politically in a climate where whatever Israel wanted, Israel got; money, American kids to throw onto the bayonets of Israel’s enemies, etc. Netanyahu is not a man used to dealing with failure. In many ways he is a spoiled child, spoiled by decades of US acquiescence to Israel’s will and because of the US, other nations also bowed to Tel Aviv.
The US envoys have sent a very clear diplomatic message to the rest of the UN that they no longer back Israel’s demands for more war.

A rational man would topple his King and admit defeat, but Netanyahu may not be rational. He may stage a false-flag. He may just go ahead and attack Iran’s power station. He may, out of pure spite, blow the whistle on who really did 9-11, confident that the revelations will harm the US Government more than it will harm Israel. Such deceptions are, after all, what Israel is famous for. It’s expected!

But one thing is certain, Bibi will probably in one form or another hit the panic button to get his war with Iran before Israel’s October elections.


makheru bradley said...

Best case scenario: Susan Rice's sit-in is a clear message to the Zionist war hawks and their supporters from the oligarchs of Wall Street and the City of London that a war with Iran will plunge the global economy into an unrecoverable depression. "Since your $4 billion welfare check will be affected, sit your azz down and let our covert operations do their thing."
Worst case: Bibi says "fk" y'all and starts WWIII.

CNu said...

Was Rice present Bro. Makheru? I'm still struggling through competing narratives to try and ascertain what the "boycott" of his speech amounted to? Before I can attempt to draw a bead on the "diplomatic" signalling, I'd like to see some raw footage of what actually took place within the general assembly, and, I'd also like to see some footage of the "thousands" allegedly protesting outside the U.N.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=59f8a82582fadeeb&biw=1600&bih=773

This isht hurr is genuinely some of the most conspicuously mendacious posturing that I've ever seen (not-seen)...,

makheru bradley said...

My bad. I was in repIacement ref-mode. Upon further review the footage does not show the Ambassador in the US delegation which was still seated after Israel walked out. Interestingly, Rice did not attend Bibi's speech either so I'm sticking with my reason.